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5 Education Policy Issues To Watch in 2024

Key concerns include private school choice, teacher pay, and challenges in artificial intelligence.

3 Tips for Navigating Holiday Stress in the Workplace

To ensure a positive year-end for teams, Jotform Founder and CEO Aytekin Tank suggests navigating holiday stress with three key strategies.

Elon Musk's Foundation Launches Private School

Elon Musk, who relocated to Texas amid the pandemic, is set to launch a STEM-centric primary and secondary school, as per tax filings for his recent charity.

Proposed Remote Schooling Bill Sparks Hiring Debate

The proposed legislation restricts remote instruction, imposing new hiring criteria on districts facing teacher shortages.

Texas Higher Ed Faces DEI Cutbacks

As of January 1, Texas public colleges grapple with the enforcement of SB 17, an anti-diversity, equity, and inclusion bill.

Merit Aid on the Rise in Colleges

From 2001-2017, spending on non-need-based aid at public colleges rose from $1.1 billion to $3 billion, while spending $32 billion on non-need aid, versus $49 billion on need-based aid.

Podcast: AI and the Independent School Business Office

NBOA President and CEO Jeff Shields was a guest on the ATLIS podcast, "Technology Talks." Shields shared insights into the intersection of AI, collaborative leadership and school governance.

Creative Solutions to Rising Youth Sports Costs

Soaring youth sports costs are excluding families as activities turn more privatized, demanding payments for fees, uniforms, equipment, travel, and extras.

School Districts Spend Big on Teletherapy

Despite concerns, teletherapy proves effective for many students dealing with issues like depression, anxiety and bullying, studies show.

Schools Respond to Antisemitism and Islamophobia

Experts say it’s the application of resources, not the resources themselves, that will make the difference.

15 Million Students Chronically Absent

Elementary schools saw a stark increase in absenteeism, jumping from 7% to 38% in schools with 30% or more chronically absent students.

Optimizing Benefits Enrollment with AI

Some employers have begun utilizing ChatGPT to summarize customer calls, conduct sentiment analysis and create benefits content efficiently.

CDC Data Shows Rise in Vaccine Exemptions

The CDC is warning parents and schools of a heightened risk of infectious diseases, including flu, this year as national vaccination rates for kindergartners continue to decline. 

Remote Work Policy Saves Money in Extreme Weather

Amidst the increasing frequency of extreme weather events fueled by global warming, work experts highlight the economic advantages of a remote workforce.

Venmo Introduces New Group Payment Option

Launching this week, it automatically calculates individual amounts owed based on each group member's overall spending.

Education Department Delays FAFSA Rollout

The delay may particularly affect lower-income students, homeless individuals, or those with special circumstances.

Best Practices for Virtual Interviews

For companies adopting virtual interviews, consider utilizing one-on-one interviews for candidate comfort and initiating discussions with non-formal topics.

Milk Carton Shortage Impacts Schools

Milk production from dairy suppliers is not the issue, but a supply chain shortage of papers and plastics, used in the making of milk cartons, is to blame.

Cell Phone Ban Has Mixed Impact

Orange County, Florida, the eighth largest school district in the U.S., instituted a complete cell phone ban for students -- students cannot use their phone at any time during the day, not even lunch.

Biden Order To Investigate Bias in EdTech AI

As AI use rapidly expands in classrooms, President Biden signed an executive order requiring federal education officials to create guardrails to prevent tech-driven discrimination.


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