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Communications After a Cyber Breach

55% of Americans say they would be less likely to do business with brands who are victims of a cyber attack. Thus trustworthy responses are critical.

Resources and Webinar on School Safety

In light of the active shooter tragedy at Covenant School in Nashville on Monday, March 27, we have compiled resources that may help school leaders answer questions from the community about school safety and consider their own school's preparedness. 

New AI and the Law

AI could reshape the practice of law. Law firms that effectively leverage emerging AI technologies will be able to offer services at lower cost, higher efficiency, and with higher odds of favorable outcomes in litigation.

School Districts Sue Social Media, Alleging Youth Harm

School districts across the country are filing lawsuits that argue that Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and YouTube have helped create the nation’s surging youth mental health crisis and should be held accountable. 

Ransomware Gangs Grow More Extreme, Release Sensitive Data

In March, data from Minnesota public schools was released after the school system refused to pay ransom; the data contained a sexual assault allegation, including student names.

How Liquidity Troubles May Impact Independent Schools

The liquidity crisis caused by Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse and other bank failures may have repercussions for independent schools, including new requests for financial aid and delayed tuition payments.

Data Shows Teacher Exits Up

Chalkbeat obtained data from eight states -- the most comprehensive accounting of recent teacher turnover to date -- and found that more teachers than usual exited the classroom after last school year.

Wellesley Holds Referendum on Gender Admissions Policy

Students at Wellesley College will vote on a nonbinding referendum regarding Wellesley’s identity as a women’s college, which has divided the campus.

Use of Satellite Campus Profits Draws Scrutiny

A number of prominent independent schools in the United Kingdom have developed relationships with satellite campuses in developing countries that nets significant sums of money.

SEC Charges Blackbaud with Misleading Ransomware Notice

The SEC announced on March 9 that Blackbaud Inc. agreed to pay $3 million to settle charges for making misleading disclosures about a 2020 ransomware attack that impacted more than 13,000 customers.
  • Regulatory Updates

NLRB Rules No Mandatory Silence for Severance

Employers can no longer limit workers’ ability to speak about their company in exchange for settlement or severance payments, according to a recent ruling by the National Labor Relations Board.

SECURE 2.0 Highlights

The Secure Act 2.0 Act will impact: Multiple Employer Plans and Pooled Employer Plans, Collective Investment Trusts, Student Loan Payments, Autoenrollment/auto escalation, and more.

Recruiting Gen Z Talent

Don't rely on gimmicks like free snacks or a foosball table to attract Gen Z candidates. Instead, be upfront about how the organization can provide work-life balance and respect, say experts.

Job Seekers Turn to ChatGPT

Of candidates leveraging ChatGPT, about 70% received a higher response rate from employers and 59% were hired.

Business Email Compromise at Independent Schools

Business email compromise (BEC) may not grab the headlines like ransomware, but it can be just as disruptive and damaging to a school's finances. What can schools do?

Uptick in Sexual Assault, Depression for Teen Girls

Nearly 1 in 3 high school girls reported in 2021 that they seriously considered suicide — up nearly 60% from a decade ago — according to new findings from the CDC.

Anti-LGBTQ Laws Driving Families' Moving Decisions, Survey Shows

More than half of Florida families headed by same-sex or gender-nonconforming parents are considering moving out of the state, and 17% have taken steps to do so, a newly released survey finds.

Direct Admissions Continues to Grow

The act of applying to college is changing, as more institutions deploy alternative admissions approaches which remove conventional applications from the equation.

Remote Work Saves Workers 72 Minutes per Day, Study Finds

Of the average 72 minutes saved by not commuting each day, employees dedicated 40% of their saved time toward primary and secondary jobs.

Nonprofit Priorities in 2023

Consider these opportunities for your nonprofit this year: Operations, Automation and Digital Transformation; Workforce Development; Tax Opportunities, including the ERC and more.



years is the target ceiling for a school plant's financial "age."

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