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Low-Cost, High-Impact Innovation 5 min read

As we move away from the forced changes of pandemic years and into intentional innovation, consider a few low- to no-cost efforts successfully undertaken by colleges and universities.
Elementary students in tinker lab at Bennett Day School
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Room To Grow: Learning Labs as External Revenue Streams 5 min read

Bennett Day School developed a project-based learning lab that has helped generate non-tuition revenue and expand its PK-12 program. Bennett Day is one of three schools to receive this year's Innovation Excellence Award.
New dormitory rendering for Solebury School
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Building on Culture: Interpretive Master Planning 10 min read This item is protected.

An interpretive master planning process can assure the future vision of a campus truly serves the needs of the entire school community.
2022 NBOA Annual Meeting presenters Vanessa Calderon, Sherry Krebsbach and Greg Miles
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Becoming the “School of Choice” for Faculty 4 min read

In a challenging hiring environment, schools would do well to survey faculty on employee satisfaction to identify areas of improvement and move the needle on employee retention.
Members of the 2021-22 Leadership Academy Cohort at NBOA Annual Meeting
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Increased Wellness in Schools Through Operational Changes 5 min read

Later start times and shorter school weeks that accommodate adolescents’ health and wellness could be independent schools’ future.
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The Possibilities of Partnerships 4 min read

Be it with a local college or business, a partnership may enable your school to offer distinctive opportunities that enhance value proposition and/or develop new revenue streams.
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What Wonder Woman and Workplace Assessment Have in Common 5 min read

Wonder Woman had a complex personality. So might you — and that perspective can help you as an independent school leader.
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Other Duties as Assigned: Who’s Asking? 5 min read

A strong relationship with a long-time donor made this business officer the best person to make a major ask to fulfill a pressing need.
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Voices from the Field: Leaders of Color in Independent Schools 6 min read

Four business officers offer initial insights into diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives and their experiences at their schools.
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Projections: Finding Financial Confidence in an Era of Uncertainty 6 min read

As the cultural landscape continues to change, business officers can be strong partners in school leadership.
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2022 NBOA Annual Meeting Brings Together 700 Attendees Face-to-Face 3 min read

The in-person event unfolded in Chicago, while the Digital Pass is available through March.
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Key Questions To Combat the Great Resignation at Your School 5 min read

A deep understanding of your school’s talent pool is a competitive advantage.
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In Chicago or From Your Desk: What To Expect at the 2022 NBOA Annual Meeting 3 min read

Come together with a community of innovative thinkers to reinvigorate, recharge and elevate the impact and value of your role.
Kosowski Powering On MA22.jpeg
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Powering On: Managing Conflict Within Independent Schools 18 min read This item is protected.

When polarizing issues come to campus, the business office can be a strong force in connecting the community.
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Other Duties as Assigned: Coaching the E-Team 5 min read

Esports are like others sports and also not, which is their appeal for this business officer.
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Announcing the 2022 NBOA Innovation Excellence Award Recipients 4 min read

The selected schools have demonstrated creative new ways to approach maker spaces, endowments and a multi-campus business model.
Voices JF22.jpeg
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Voices from the Field: Full Stop 4 min read

Following the stress of the 2020–21 school year, one school experimented with a coordinated, school–wide break.
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Announcing the 2022 Recipients of the Distinguished Business Officer and Outstanding School Support Awards 5 min read

Every year since 1999, NBOA’s Ken White Distinguished Business Officer Award has recognized an exceptionally active and inspiring individual who has dedicated their career to the support of others within our community. A
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Fostering Resilience Among Faculty and Staff 6 min read

Article by Amber Stockham, NBOA
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Projections: You Are the Continuity 8 min read

As the average head-of-school tenure shrinks, business office leadership has largely remained steady — and essential to furthering our schools’ present and future course.



of 5 school-aged children live with a mental health condition.

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