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Ransomware Gang Hijacks University's Alert System

Hackers hijacked Bluefield University’s emergency alerts system this week and, in what appears to be a first, used it to issue threats to students and faculty: their files would be leaked online. 

Federal Agencies Urge Caution on AI-based Discrimination

Leaders from four federal agencies issued a joint statement last week on the use of artificial intelligence and automated systems.

Book Bans Jumped Nearly 40% in 2022

Despite the high challenge numbers, a library association poll shows a large majority of Americans don't believe in banning books.

Financial Trends Shaping Small, Private Colleges

Two of the nation’s big credit rating agencies reported dire financial outlooks for the year for the higher education sector.

Most Schools Unequipped To Support Mental Health Needs

Results of the 2023 School Safety Survey reveal that 60% of school leaders cited mental health issues as the greatest obstacle to school safety.

Teacher Recruitment via TikTok

A popular middle school principal in Louisiana has used viral TikTok videos not only to connect with students but also to demonstrate the strong culture of the school, which helps recruit teachers.

Proposed Guidance on Crypto Assets from FASB

Crypto assets that meet proposed requirements would be marked to fair value, with changes in fair value recognized in net income. Transaction costs would be recognized as an expense when incurred.
  • Regulatory Updates

OSHA Expands “Instance by Instance” Citation Policy

In January 2023, OSHA dramatically expanded the circumstances when it can issue “instance-by-instance” citations to employers and discouraged the grouping of similar citations under a single penalty.

New School Safety Guide from CISA

(from EdSpaces) Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), is designed to help K-12 schools adopt a systems-based approach to school physical security planning and implementation.

Considering Neurodiversity in the Workplace

When many organizations talk about DEI, they overlook neurodiversity as well as the education and conflict resolution processes that are critical for creating safe spaces and productive environments.

5 Ways the CFO Role Is Evolving

Today’s CFO must be not just a consumer of technology and enterprise applications but rather have a deep understanding of how digital products and services are driving competitive advantage.

Tight-Knit Culture Builds Strong Teacher Retention

An Oklahoma school district has managed to retain teachers and administrators despite lower pay and longer commutes than neighboring options for faculty and staff.

Ransomware Attacks on Schools Increase 800+% in 2022

While ransomware attacks overall fell 22% last year and fell by half in the United States, schools saw an opposite trend: attacks targeting K–12 schools worldwide last year grew 827% over 2021.

How Independent Schools Can Avoid Custody Disputes

Independent schools frequently find themselves having to manage custody disputes. Law firm Fisher Phillips provides tips on navigating four frequent situations.

Illinois To Mandate Paid Leave for Any Reason

Beginning January 1, 2024, the Act will require nearly all covered Illinois employers to provide its covered employees up to 40 hours of paid leave per year, to be used “for any purpose.”

Enrollment Leaders on the Edge

Enrollment and admissions professionals across the country say they are rethinking their career choices, reports the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Half of Neurodivergent Workers Say They Want To Quit Their Jobs

Slightly more than half (51%) of neurodivergent workers want to quit their jobs or already have because they don’t feel valued or supported by their employer, according to the Neurodiversity at Work 2023 report by Alludo, a global technology company.

The Financial and Enrollment Costs of School Shootings

On average, schools where shootings took place in the two decades the researchers reviewed saw enrollment drops of 12 percent among students who aren’t eligible for free and reduced-price meals.

Nashville Students Protest Gun Violence

One week after six people were killed in a mass shooting at The Covenant School, more than a thousand Nashville-area students walked out of their schools to demand stronger gun laws.

New Federal Laws Protect Pregnant and Nursing Workers

Two new federal employment laws were enacted: the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (“PWFA”) and the Providing Urgent Maternal Protections for Nursing Mothers Act (“PUMP Act”).



years is the target ceiling for a school plant's financial "age."

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