Episode 1: The Teamwork Behind a Turnaround

Apr 9, 2024, 11:32 AM  |  by Jeff Shields and Howard Teibel


This first episode of the Net Assets Podcast highlights the head of school-business officer partnership behind a remarkable enrollment turnaround at Lakefield College School, a day and boarding school in Lakefield, Ontario. Head of School Anne-Marie Kee and Associate Head of School and CFO and Tim Rutherford share how school leadership embraced the school’s long-standing identity, and the entire faculty and staff communicated that value to parents and students. The guests share the bold decisions behind the enrollment efforts and how they make the “productive tension” between their differing views work to the school’s advantage.

The Net Assets podcast is a partnership between NBOA and Teibel Education Consulting, with hosts NBOA President and CEO Jeff Shields and Teibel Education President Howard Teibel. This show is made possible thanks to the generous support of Community Brands.



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