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Three Strategies for Reaching Women Donors

With more women donors stepping into the spotlight, how can nonprofit organizations tailor their fundraising approaches?

Tips for Increasing Employee Trust in HR

Organizational leadership experts Joseph Grenny and Derek Cullimore offer these tips for organizations to cultivate an environment that supports HR leadership.

LGBTQ Students Report More Hostility, Less Support

The vast majority of LGBTQ students experienced some form of harassment or assault this past year, according to the most recent National School Climate Survey conducted by GLSEN. 

New FASB Standards for Cryptocurrency

Last week, the FASB said companies should use fair-value accounting for measuring bitcoin and other crypto assets, moving closer to a standard to clarify how much such holdings are worth.

ACT Test Scores Drop to Their Lowest in 30 Years

This is the fifth consecutive year of declines in average scores, a worrisome trend that began long before the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic and has persisted.

Cyberbullying, Verification Issues Plague Schools' Social Media

Students aren't the only ones experiencing cyberbullying. Half of K-12 school leaders (51%) say they’ve seen mock social media accounts appear with a school's logo or branding.

Hoax Active Shooter Calls at Schools Pose New Problems

These calls can pose new problems different from false bomb threats. The response must be more extreme, and parents may get nervous and show up on campus with firearms.

Collaboration at Small Colleges Increases Enrollment

Some small liberal arts colleges that face declining enrollments are teaming up to offer programs that students want, and as a result are seeing greater student interest and yield.

What Can Schools Do About ‘Quiet Quitting’?

Quiet quitting encompasses a range of behaviors that correlate with employee disengagement due to a general lack of career growth, poor pay or feeling burnt out. 

Federal Agency Rules Against Withholding Transcripts for Loan Payment

Colleges that lend directly to their students cannot later refuse to release a student’s transcript as a way of forcing them to make loan payments, the Consumer Financial Protection Board said on Thursday.

Pay Transparency Law Passes in California

California companies with more than 15 employees will be required to list salary ranges for jobs and make that information available to existing employees.

5 Negotiation Tips for CFOs

Learning how to negotiate effectively is an important skill that requires equal parts preparation and follow-through. 

Questions for Evaluating Business Office Tech

How do administrators measure whether a product is worth keeping or trying for the first time? Education journalist Alyson Klein, in an article for EdWeek, outlines the following questions.

Private "Hybrid Schools" Gaining Traction Among Middle Class Families

Since the start of the pandemic, public school enrollment has crashed, with many families now relying on a type of homeschooling that mixes in-person classes with learning at home.

Workplace Flu Clinics Reinstated

The practice of hosting workplace flu clinics, a convenient strategy for curbing the spread of influenza, has rebounded to pre-pandemic levels or even higher, according to several providers.

Top 5 Business Issues in Higher Education

Issues include supporting and maintaining the workforce, meeting students’ evolving needs, providing a secure and modern technology, managing an uncertain economic climate, and navigating resource constraints.

New Marketing Tech Survey

Niche conducted a survey of private schools this spring to determine their uses of technology in marketing and admissions. Results provide national data on budgeting for technology and more.

Nearly 4 in 10 Americans Say Family Finances Have Suffered in the Last Year

Most in the U.S. feel they have had to cut back on spending in at least one way over the last six months, according to a new PBS/NPR/Marist poll.
  • Enrollment

  • Marketing

  • Tuition

2022 Independent School Cost-Per-Enrollment Study Now Available

Key data points include median cost per inquiry, median cost per application, median cost per enrollment and median tuition generated for each dollar spent to enroll a new student.

School Finance Innovations Beyond COVID

At the height of the pandemic, schools adjusted regular financial practices at record speed to meet changing needs. Some of the innovations that may be beneficial to retain going forward.



years is the target ceiling for a school plant's financial "age."

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