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Assessing Your Reserves Policy

The need for sufficient reserves has become increasingly apparent during the pandemic, and nonprofits may want to reexamine their reserve policies. At the same time, new challenges have emerged: rampant inflation and a potentially slowing economy.

FASB To Develop Cryptocurrency Accounting Rules

Companies will get long-awaited rules for accounting for the stashes of Bitcoin and other digital assets they hold on their balance sheets, U.S. accounting rule-makers said last week.

FLMA Highlights for Teachers

Schools face unique issues when coordinating leaves of absence for teaching staff. The DOL provides guidance on how to interpret FMLA.

College Closes After Ransomware Attack

Lincoln College, a 150-year old school in central Illinois, is closing its doors after a severe ransomware attack in December that took months to remedy.

HSA & High-Deductible Health Plan Limits Will Spike, Says IRS

HSA contribution limits for 2023 are going up significantly in response to the recent inflation surge, the IRS announced April 29.

Privacy Concerns Over Digital Monitoring

A new expose of the student digital surveillance application Gaggle suggests that its employees, who monitor students' digital content, are untrained and underpaid.

Freebies for Teachers on Appreciation Day

This week, businesses are showing teachers with a little love – in the form of store discounts and food freebies. Staples, Office Depot, Dollar Tree and Xfinity are some participating brands.

Redressing Institutional Ties to Slavery

Harvard University is dedicating $100 million to create a fund to research and redress its "extensive entanglements with slavery," university President Lawrence Bacow said earlier this week. 

Tips for Becoming More Inclusive of Neurodivergent Employees

Experts at the Journal of Accountancy shared the following tips for becoming more inclusive of autistic and neurodiverse employees.

Teacher Salaries Not Keeping Up with Inflation

(from EdWeek) The average teacher salary actually decreased by an estimated 3.9% over the last decade.

Youth Sports Coaches Face Hostility, Attacks From Parents

As millions of kids return to fields and courts for spring sports, schools are faced with a growing referee shortage, driven in part by increased instances of verbal and physical abuse from volatile parents and coaches.

Summer Camp Costs Double

(from Yahoo News) The ACA reported that the average cost of day camp has more than doubled to $178 per day in 2022, compared to just $76 last year.

Cultivating Ongoing Relationships with Former Employees

Leaving an organization doesn’t have to be seen as the end of the relationship with a former employee

What's Driving Increased Hiring of Presidents of Color?

Researchers say that an uptick in presidents coming out of student affairs — as compared to the traditional pathways out of academic leadership — is one factor driving increased hiring of presidents of color.

Using VR To Prevent Harassment?

A small cottage industry, including the companies  Vantage Point and Sisu VR, are now offering virtual-reality trainings to prevent office harassment.

Adopting New Ventilation Guidelines

Exchanging the air in a room five times an hour cuts the risk of coronavirus transmission in half, yet most buildings today exchange the air only once or twice an hour.

5 Tips for Beginning a Head of School Transitions

Remember the business office's role in gathering valuable data for the incoming head's proposed contract and ensuring that the incoming head understands how the business officer can support the head's success.

Paid Family and Medical Leave Bill Passes in Maryland

On Saturday, April 9, Maryland became the tenth state (in addition to the District of Columbia) to enact a paid family and medical leave law that covers private-sector workers, after overriding Governor Larry Hogan’s veto

COVID-19 Breath Tests, Nasal Spray Preventatives

The FDA has given its authorization for the first COVID-19 breath test, known as the InspectIR COVID-19 Breathalyzer.

Pay Expectations on the Rise

As inflation keeps rising, so do employees' expectations for higher wage and salary increases.



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