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Importance of Gender Diversity in School Security

Hiring female security officers can improve school security efforts. They may be more likely to identify signs of gender-based incidents and can be a resource to female students and staff.

U.S. Surgeon General Warns Against Kids' Social Media Use

Surgeon general Vivek Murthy warned last week that social media poses a profound risk to children, with excessive use impacting sleep, relationships and depression that can lead to suicidal thoughts.

International Recruitment Partnership Ends in Acrimony

Once a model partnership that brought the University of South Florida tens of millions in revenue, its relationship with an international student pathway company is ending in the courtroom.

AI Guidance from EEOC

Employers can't rely on a vendor's assurances that its AI tool complies with Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. If the tool results in an adverse discriminatory impact, the employer may be liable.

Teacher Satisfaction Up But Still Historically Low

The second annual Merrimack College Teacher Survey shows that two-thirds of teachers say they’re satisfied with their jobs, up from 56% last year. 20% percent say they’re “very satisfied,” up from 12%.

Key Handbook Updates for 2023-34

On a regular basis, independent schools should reflect on their current policies and procedures as stated in their handbooks, analyze which still function well and which do not. Consider these points.

IRS 2024 HSA Adjustments Announced

The IRS has announced 2024 HSA limits, adjusted for inflation. These impact the annual contribution limitation and what qualifies as a high deductible health plan among other areas.

NBOA Featured on Associations Thrive Podcast

NBOA President and CEO Jeff Shields was the guest on the Associations Thrive podcast, in the episode released May 11, 2023. He discussed how NBOA, born in 1998, is a "digital native" association. 

Financial, Environmental Concerns Over School Chromebooks

 If the lifespans of Google Chromebooks expanded twofold, U.S. schools could save $1.8 billion.

Ransomware Gang Hijacks University's Alert System

Hackers hijacked Bluefield University’s emergency alerts system this week and, in what appears to be a first, used it to issue threats to students and faculty: their files would be leaked online. 

Federal Agencies Urge Caution on AI-based Discrimination

Leaders from four federal agencies issued a joint statement last week on the use of artificial intelligence and automated systems.

Book Bans Jumped Nearly 40% in 2022

Despite the high challenge numbers, a library association poll shows a large majority of Americans don't believe in banning books.

Financial Trends Shaping Small, Private Colleges

Two of the nation’s big credit rating agencies reported dire financial outlooks for the year for the higher education sector.

Most Schools Unequipped To Support Mental Health Needs

Results of the 2023 School Safety Survey reveal that 60% of school leaders cited mental health issues as the greatest obstacle to school safety.

Teacher Recruitment via TikTok

A popular middle school principal in Louisiana has used viral TikTok videos not only to connect with students but also to demonstrate the strong culture of the school, which helps recruit teachers.

Proposed Guidance on Crypto Assets from FASB

Crypto assets that meet proposed requirements would be marked to fair value, with changes in fair value recognized in net income. Transaction costs would be recognized as an expense when incurred.
  • Regulatory Updates

OSHA Expands “Instance by Instance” Citation Policy

In January 2023, OSHA dramatically expanded the circumstances when it can issue “instance-by-instance” citations to employers and discouraged the grouping of similar citations under a single penalty.

New School Safety Guide from CISA

(from EdSpaces) Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), is designed to help K-12 schools adopt a systems-based approach to school physical security planning and implementation.

Considering Neurodiversity in the Workplace

When many organizations talk about DEI, they overlook neurodiversity as well as the education and conflict resolution processes that are critical for creating safe spaces and productive environments.

5 Ways the CFO Role Is Evolving

Today’s CFO must be not just a consumer of technology and enterprise applications but rather have a deep understanding of how digital products and services are driving competitive advantage.



years is the target ceiling for a school plant's financial "age."

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