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15 Million Students Chronically Absent

Elementary schools saw a stark increase in absenteeism, jumping from 7% to 38% in schools with 30% or more chronically absent students.

Optimizing Benefits Enrollment with AI

Some employers have begun utilizing ChatGPT to summarize customer calls, conduct sentiment analysis and create benefits content efficiently.

CDC Data Shows Rise in Vaccine Exemptions

The CDC is warning parents and schools of a heightened risk of infectious diseases, including flu, this year as national vaccination rates for kindergartners continue to decline. 

Remote Work Policy Saves Money in Extreme Weather

Amidst the increasing frequency of extreme weather events fueled by global warming, work experts highlight the economic advantages of a remote workforce.

Venmo Introduces New Group Payment Option

Launching this week, it automatically calculates individual amounts owed based on each group member's overall spending.

Education Department Delays FAFSA Rollout

The delay may particularly affect lower-income students, homeless individuals, or those with special circumstances.

Best Practices for Virtual Interviews

For companies adopting virtual interviews, consider utilizing one-on-one interviews for candidate comfort and initiating discussions with non-formal topics.

Milk Carton Shortage Impacts Schools

Milk production from dairy suppliers is not the issue, but a supply chain shortage of papers and plastics, used in the making of milk cartons, is to blame.

Cell Phone Ban Has Mixed Impact

Orange County, Florida, the eighth largest school district in the U.S., instituted a complete cell phone ban for students -- students cannot use their phone at any time during the day, not even lunch.

Biden Order To Investigate Bias in EdTech AI

As AI use rapidly expands in classrooms, President Biden signed an executive order requiring federal education officials to create guardrails to prevent tech-driven discrimination.

Low-Fee Teacher Training for Community Members on the Rise

Grow Your Own teacher programs, which train community members in other professions to be teachers for minimal fees, have grown rapidly -- an estimated 900 school districts have them today.

Diverse Boards Achieve Higher ESG Ratings, Study Shows

Notably, the study found that a 10 percentage point increase in the proportion of females on a board is correlated to a 17.5% increase in a firm’s ESG rating.

Hawaii Settles in Title IX Lawsuit

Hawaii education officials have settled a class-action lawsuit by female athletes at James Campbell High School, addressing widespread sex discrimination and retaliation claims.

More Financial Aid Decisions Adjusted Case-by-Case

The professional judgment process permits case-by-case adjustments to students' aid based on special circumstances.

Donors React to Nonprofits' Political Statements

The backlash from major donors against political statements by nonprofits regarding the Middle East war is giving some institutions pause about the practice of weighing in on current events.

Halloween Dos and Don'ts in the Workplace

One employee's innocent fun might be another's Halloween horror. For example, at one company party, a male employee dressed up as the Incredible Hulk, and lifted female employees into the air.

Consistent Engagement Leads to Workplace Efficiency

Instead of encouraging employees to invest more of themselves in their jobs, managers should set realistic goals for engagement, according to a new report MIT Sloan School of Management.

Nonprofits Embrace Co-CEO Model

Advocates argue that it often results in better choices and more support for individuals of color and women in leadership positions.

Schools Can Now Opt Out of Diverse Titles at Book Fairs

Scholastic is facing criticism after announcing their decision to create a separate, optional section for titles written predominantly by and about people of color and LGBTQ people.

Jewish and Islamic Schools Bolster Security Amidst Israel-Gaza Conflict

Schools are hiring security officers, restricting access and revising safety plans.



years is the target ceiling for a school plant's financial "age."

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