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Salary Budgets Expected To Rise 4%

Salary increase budgets in the U.S. are projected to grow, on average, just over 4% for 2023, less than half of the current annual inflation rate of 8.5%, according to new survey data.

Four Tips To "Recession-Proof" Donor Relations

Although charitable giving and the number of people making contributions increased during the height of the pandemic, giving is expected to ebb soon amidst an economic slowdown.

Homework Help Site Limits Information-Sharing with Colleges

Chegg, a popular homework help site, is no longer providing student information to colleges conducting honor-code investigations through the platform.

Colleges Struggle To Adapt to Extreme Heat

As the effects of climate change continue to impact schools, institutions may need to rethink future-proofing and designs when it comes to school facilities.

School Districts Experiment with Alternative Housing Strategies

\As school districts across the country are grappling with teacher shortages, one San Francisco area school district is trying a new approach to teacher retention.

Revisiting School COVID Protocols

As independent schools approach a return to normalcy, school leaders should review their student and employee handbooks to ensure that they reflect applicable government guidance and best practices.

Video Scans of Students' Rooms During Online Tests Ruled Unconstitutional

The decision could affect how schools use remote-monitoring software popularized during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Study Probes Nonprofit Financial Management Practices

A new study out of The City University of New York suggests that charities following widely accepted norms for nonprofit financial management generally perform worse than those embracing alternative approaches.

Inflation Reduction Act's Impact on Benefit Plans

Section 11408 allows high deductible health plans (HDHPs) to waive the deductible for “selected insulin products” without jeopardizing the ability to contribute to a health savings account (HSA).

Teacher Pay Gap Grows

Teachers are paid less than their college-educated peers in other professions—a trend that’s only getting worse over time. Teachers earn 23.5% less than comparable college graduates.

Principals at Schools with Shootings Author Recovery Guide

Nearly two dozen school leaders released a guide with lessons they wish they had known before their schools became scenes of an active shooter.

Nonprofit Raises Funds Through NFT Sale

CARE USA, which fights global poverty, raised more than $200,000 at a recent NFT event. Digital artist Jack Butcher created a small piece of digital art and sold it for the digital currency Ethereum.

New Recruitment Tactics Increase Yield at Small College

Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida, has increased new freshmen enrollment by 86% over the past 10 years. The college has expanded its admissions videos and its efforts to interview students and reach out to counselors.

Religious Schools Granted Automatic Title IX Exemption, Says USDA

Religious schools will not be required to follow new Title IX regulations in order to receive federal meal funding, the Agriculture Department (USDA) said in new guidance.

SEC Charge Classifies Crypto as a Security

Whether a crypto asset should be classified as a security is a massive, possibly existential issue for the crypto industry.

Schools Drop COVID Policies, Prioritize Learning Efforts

Schools nationwide are eliminating Covid-19 protocols as students return for fall, shifting resources from combating the waning virus to addressing academic crises that cropped up during the pandemic.

Preparing for Monkeypox

College and university administrators who served on their schools' COVID response teams are now bracing for a new health threat this fall: monkeypox.

NBOA Partnering with NAIS, SAIS, AISGW to File Amicus Brief on Title IX Cases

Together we will present a unified front representing independent schools across the country, united in the position that tax-exempt status alone does not constitute federal financial assistance for the purposes of federal laws such as Title IX.

States Weigh Arming Teachers

At least 29 states allow individuals other than police or security officials to carry guns on school grounds.

Educator Staffing Shortage Worsens

In Nevada, school districts are offering a $4,000 “relocation bonus” to new teachers who move from out of state or more than 100 miles. 



years is the target ceiling for a school plant's financial "age."

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