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Aligning Who We Are With What We Do 3 min read

As NBOA plans to celebrate its first 25 years, we are asking all members to envision what the next 25 years could hold.
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  • Crisis Management
  • | Safety and Security

Three Common Myths in School Security Planning 5 min read This item is protected.

With school shootings at record high, it’s important to identify common safety and security myths and the truths that make a difference in school decision-making.
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  • Leadership

2023 NBOA Annual Meeting: Movers & Shakers & Builders & Makers: Suneel Gupta 11 min read

Opening keynote speaker Suneel Gupta shares insights on instilling wellness into organizational culture and winning internal buy-in for new ideas.
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Voices from the Field  

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  • | Professional Development

The Business Office of One 7 min read

Business officers who are their school’s sole employee in finance share the highlights, challenges and opportunities they see.


  • Budget
  • | Financing

Today’s Price for Timeless Value 6 min read

Resist letting fears of escalating inflation hijack your tuition-setting and budget-setting conversations this school year.
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Risk & Compliance  

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  • | Trips

COVID-Era Learning in the Field 6 min read This item is protected.

Schools weigh in on the challenges and opportunities of returning to off-campus travel this school year.

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  • Change Management
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Too Important To Fail: Communicating Change 4 min read

Change is always hard, but some approaches are more painful to stakeholders than others.
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  • Budget
  • | Forms
  • | Planning

Business Office Basics: The Department Budget Request Form 4 min read

Distributing a budget request form in the fall will build good will across the school and give you a comprehensive view of school needs and wants.
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Business Intelligence  

  • Financial Aid
  • | Tuition

Tuition Discounting in Context 4 min read This item is protected.

Data on discounting in terms of need, remission and other related data points by tuition levels.
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  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • | Financial Aid

Economic Affinity Groups and Inclusion Efforts: A Case Study 7 min read This item is protected.

Two schools share strategies for improving socioeconomic inclusion through voluntary, community-led programs and innovative fundraising efforts.
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  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • | Enrollment

The Business Case for DEI: The Business of Economic Diversity 12 min read This item is protected.

Those in the business office have a distinct role to play in supporting economic diversity and inclusion efforts.
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  • | Enrollment

The Cost-Per-Enrollment Calculation 5 min read This item is protected.

While the calculation requires collaboration, the results can help schools achieve their goals more efficiently.

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Ingredients for Leadership: People, Mood Check, Time 4 min read

Our most critical issues cannot be solved without leadership that that takes time to listen.
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Independent Schools Brace for the Headwinds of Inflation 5 min read This item is protected.

To react quickly and appropriately to new market conditions, independent schools should understand inflation trends and prepare for potential outcomes.
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  • | Tuition

Balancing Out the Barbell 14 min read This item is protected.

Four schools detail how they have enrolled students from the full range of family incomes — and the impacts on both school finance and culture.
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  • Accounting
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  • | Procedures

Business Office Basics: The Monthly Operating Statement (P&L) and Quarterly Balance Sheet 4 min read

These financial reporting strategies can help business officers and their finance teams focus on value-added initiatives and strategic work to to improve their school's governance and control.
The University of Southern California admissions staff in 1992.

Other Duties As Assigned  

  • Admission
  • | Leadership

Beyond Gatekeeping 6 min read

Once an admissions “roadrunner,” this leading enrollment officer continually evolved in her role as the field did the same.

CEO Notebook  

  • Cybersecurity
  • | Risk Management

Your School’s Cyber Risk Management Requires Teamwork 3 min read

As cyber threats to K12 schools escalate, NBOA and ATLIS have issued updated guidance on cyber insurance to reflect the critical collaboration behind effective management.
  • Facilities
  • | Planning

Wellness by Design: Ideas and Actions for a Healthier Campus 7 min read

To help combat adolescent stress and to give both students and staff a breather, schools are investing in school wellness centers that emphasize connectedness.
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Voices from the Field  

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Given a Second Chance 6 min read

Following a serious heart attack, this business officer restructured his work so that he can continue living to his fullest.



years is the target ceiling for a school plant's financial "age."

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