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Low-Cost, High-Impact Innovation 5 min read

As we move away from the forced changes of pandemic years and into intentional innovation, consider a few low- to no-cost efforts successfully undertaken by colleges and universities.
Elementary students in tinker lab at Bennett Day School
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Room To Grow: Learning Labs as External Revenue Streams 5 min read

Bennett Day School developed a project-based learning lab that has helped generate non-tuition revenue and expand its PK-12 program. Bennett Day is one of three schools to receive this year's Innovation Excellence Award.
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Strategies: Strategic Financial Planning for School Business Leaders 3 min read

NBOA’s latest book provides key considerations to help professionals new to independent school business succeed in their leadership roles.
New dormitory rendering for Solebury School
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Building on Culture: Interpretive Master Planning 10 min read This item is protected.

An interpretive master planning process can assure the future vision of a campus truly serves the needs of the entire school community.
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Business Intelligence: Pandemic Predictions and Outcomes in School Finance 4 min read

Mid–2020, business officers predicted a bumpier outcome for FY21 than came to pass. Deficits and cash draws were smaller, while aid awards were higher.
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NBOA To Launch Research on Innovative Faculty and Staff Compensation Models 3 min read

A grant from the Edward E. Ford Foundation will enable data collection and resource development to help independent schools reshape their compensation structures.
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The Driving Force: Optimizing Transportation 12 min read This item is protected.

School-provided transportation can buoy enrollment and diversity, but developing a cost- and time-efficient model is tricky business.
2022 NBOA Annual Meeting presenters Vanessa Calderon, Sherry Krebsbach and Greg Miles
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Becoming the “School of Choice” for Faculty 4 min read

In a challenging hiring environment, schools would do well to survey faculty on employee satisfaction to identify areas of improvement and move the needle on employee retention.
Members of the 2021-22 Leadership Academy Cohort at NBOA Annual Meeting
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Increased Wellness in Schools Through Operational Changes 5 min read

Later start times and shorter school weeks that accommodate adolescents’ health and wellness could be independent schools’ future.
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Tax Implications of Head-of-School Compensation Packages 6 min read

Fringe benefits included in head-of-school packages may help attract strong candidates, but be aware of compliance issues.
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Building a Member-Centric Website 3 min read

We’ve completely overhauled to make it easier for our members to use and engage.
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Projections: Three Facilities Trends That Take Us Beyond COVID 7 min read

Facilities changes made during COVID are being taken to the next level as school prepare for the longer-term future.
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Engaging Online Learners for Greater Financial Sustainability 4 min read

Expanding online curriculum can also promote on-campus engagement opportunities.
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The Possibilities of Partnerships 4 min read

Be it with a local college or business, a partnership may enable your school to offer distinctive opportunities that enhance value proposition and/or develop new revenue streams.
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Working Wellness into School Facilities: 4 Trends 4 min read

Wellness features and healthy design offer simpler, more flexible community spaces where students can relax and restore from the increased stresses of everyday life.
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What Wonder Woman and Workplace Assessment Have in Common 5 min read

Wonder Woman had a complex personality. So might you — and that perspective can help you as an independent school leader.
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Using Pandemic-Related Government Funding To Purchase Portable Air Purifiers 4 min read

Investing in commercial grade air purifying systems can help protect your school’s “danger zones” — from cafeterias to locker rooms to the nurse’s office.
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2022 Accounting and Tax Updates and Reminders for Independent Schools 7 min read

A number of areas, including leases and employee retention credits, may require renewed attention this year.
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Other Duties as Assigned: Who’s Asking? 5 min read

A strong relationship with a long-time donor made this business officer the best person to make a major ask to fulfill a pressing need.
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Voices from the Field: Leaders of Color in Independent Schools 6 min read

Four business officers offer initial insights into diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives and their experiences at their schools.



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