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Low-Cost, High-Impact Innovation 5 min read

As we move away from the forced changes of pandemic years and into intentional innovation, consider a few low- to no-cost efforts successfully undertaken by colleges and universities.
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Strategies: Strategic Financial Planning for School Business Leaders 3 min read

NBOA’s latest book provides key considerations to help professionals new to independent school business succeed in their leadership roles.
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Business Intelligence: Pandemic Predictions and Outcomes in School Finance 4 min read

Mid–2020, business officers predicted a bumpier outcome for FY21 than came to pass. Deficits and cash draws were smaller, while aid awards were higher.
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Tax Implications of Head-of-School Compensation Packages 6 min read

Fringe benefits included in head-of-school packages may help attract strong candidates, but be aware of compliance issues.
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2022 Accounting and Tax Updates and Reminders for Independent Schools 7 min read

A number of areas, including leases and employee retention credits, may require renewed attention this year.
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Other Duties as Assigned: Who’s Asking? 5 min read

A strong relationship with a long-time donor made this business officer the best person to make a major ask to fulfill a pressing need.
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A Practical Approach to Tax Compliance 6 min read

NBOA’s new guide outlines the essentials of not-for-profit independent school tax compliance and how to treat compliance risks strategically.
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Financing a Better World: ESG and Credit Ratings 10 min read This item is protected.

Environmental, social and governance practices can impact a school’s credit profile, and mitigating associated risks is key to long-term financial health.
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Business Intelligence: Larger Data Sets, Improved Tools 3 min read

Look for new ways to filter data, create presentations and study endowment data with the latest BIIS updates.
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Independent Schools Report 25.8% Return on Endowment Assets for FY2021 4 min read This item is protected.

More independent schools are exploring responsible investing policies and practices.
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Financial Reporting in a Flash 6 min read

Focusing on 19 key financial indicators over nearly 20 years has helped one business officer ensure her school leverages resources for maximum impact.
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Business Intelligence: Fewer Students and More Staff Signal New Paradigms 4 min read

While enrollment has declined slightly over the past few years, staffing has increased. How can schools offset increased costs?
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FAQ: Cryptocurrency and the Business Office 3 min read

What business officers need to know about the latest changes in technology and digital strategy.
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Employee Retention Credit Accounting Guidance for Independent Schools 4 min read

Thorough and consistent documentation is key to success.
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The Future of Auditing in Schools 7 min read

With careful planning, a mostly remote audit can improve teamwork and more meaningful communication between auditors and school staff.

Business Intelligence: Shining a Light on PPRRSM 3 min read

Reserving funds is one way to manage the costs of protecting physical assets.
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Strategies: Strengthening Your Audit Partnerships and Processes 5 min read

Creating a partnership with the auditor can help ensure that your school is shown in the best light.
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Plan for Success: Campus Master Planning 13 min read This item is protected.

Developing a tactical campus master plan begins with a future vision of the institution that realigns facilities with mission.
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Endicott College: A Case Study in Financial Prudence 5 min read

Can airtight debt management and a focus on student retention help us emerge in a better financial position than before the pandemic?
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Mission & Motivation: Next Generation Investors 5 min read

Sharing real funds with students and mentoring their business and investment acumen has literally paid dividends, in the $100,000s.



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