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Business Office Basics: The CFO’s Investment Committee Report 3 min read

Tips on sharing how the school’s portfolio has changed since the last board meeting.
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Independent School Endowments Down 11.3% for Fiscal 2022 3 min read

This year’s Communfund Benchmarks Study reveals the largest year-over-year reversal in average annual independent school endowment returns since the study began.
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Maximizing Interest on Cash 7 min read

While it’s prudent to have some liquid resources on hand, your school can be earning money at the same time through a variety of strategies.
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Business Office Basics: The Annual Capital Budget & The Multi-Year Plant Renewals Schedule 4 min read

These two schedules go hand in hand – each supports the other.


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Strategic Financial Planning with the NBOA Heat Map 14 min read

The financial sustainability heat map, which will soon be available in BIIS, has helped schools in areas from board communication to strategic planning. Here are four school’s stories.
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Business Office Basics: Financial Equilibrium 4 min read

A balanced budget is nice, but it is not enough.
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Business Office Basics: Preparing Next Year’s Operating Budget for the January Board Meeting 5 min read

You can sharpen finance committee discussion using sensitivity analysis and improve your presentation to the board of trustees with a waterfall chart.


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Today’s Price for Timeless Value 6 min read

Resist letting fears of escalating inflation hijack your tuition-setting and budget-setting conversations this school year.
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Business Office Basics: The Department Budget Request Form 4 min read

Distributing a budget request form in the fall will build good will across the school and give you a comprehensive view of school needs and wants.
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The Cost-Per-Enrollment Calculation 5 min read This item is protected.

While the calculation requires collaboration, the results can help schools achieve their goals more efficiently.
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Independent Schools Brace for the Headwinds of Inflation 5 min read This item is protected.

To react quickly and appropriately to new market conditions, independent schools should understand inflation trends and prepare for potential outcomes.
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Business Office Basics: The Monthly Operating Statement (P&L) and Quarterly Balance Sheet 4 min read

These financial reporting strategies can help business officers and their finance teams focus on value-added initiatives and strategic work to to improve their school's governance and control.
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Wellness by Design: Ideas and Actions for a Healthier Campus 7 min read

To help combat adolescent stress and to give both students and staff a breather, schools are investing in school wellness centers that emphasize connectedness.

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Context Makes School Data Actionable 4 min read

When presented with purpose, financial data can make all the difference in preparing your school for the road ahead.
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A Seat at the FASB Table 4 min read

This business officer represents independent schools on the FASB Not-for-Profit Advisory Committee.
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Developing a Cryptocurrency Policy 3 min read This item is protected.

Accepting cryptocurrency is relatively straightforward, but holding it requires careful consideration.
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Other Duties As Assigned  

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If the Hat Fits, Wear It 3 min read

Holding roles as diverse as hockey coach and human resources director, this now director of financial reporting has deep connections across her school.

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NBOA’s New Strategy Begins and Ends With You 5 min read

Member insights were crucial in developing NBOA’s new strategic framework – and we’ll need your feedback today and going forward to assess its progress.
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Voices from the Field  

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Piece by Piece 9 min read

The 2022 recipient of the Ken White Distinguished Business Officer Award, Nancy Greene, is known for mastering advanced strategies in finance and risk, and communicating their importance to colleagues and peers.
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Room to Grow: Becoming an Anti-Racist Institution 4 min read

Miss Porter’s School has leveraged its large endowment and operating budget to challenge systemic racism. Miss Porter's is one of three schools to receive this year's Innovation Excellence Award.



years is the target ceiling for a school plant's financial "age."

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