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5 Minutes with Heidi Vanderbilt-Brown and Sara Kauffman: Data Agnostic 7 min read

Going where few independent schools have gone (so far), Milton Academy brings on a full-time data analyst to ensure the consistent application of data — trends, assumptions, outcomes — in financial decision-making.

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Risk & Compliance: Independent Schools’ Overlooked Risks: Cherished Traditions 4 min read

They're a part of every school's culture and legacy. They're also fraught with risk.
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Solutions, Collegiality Light up 2017 NBOA Annual Meeting 3 min read

More than 1,300 attendees made the Washington gathering the biggest-ever of independent school financial and operational leaders. A recap in tweets.
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Building a Better Technology Team 11 min read

From the archives: Education technology is on a fast-moving trajectory. Here’s how schools’ technology department staffing structures can keep pace.
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Lessons from the Trenches 10 min read This item is protected.

From the archives: Economic recovery drives "a perfect storm" of financing for major construction at independent schools. But there’s a new sense of caution this time.

CEO Notebook  

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Going All-In for Technology ROI 3 min read

Is your school making the most of its technology budget? How do you know if faculty, students and staff are fully utilizing new resources?
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Condition, Condition, Condition: Highlights of the 2015-2016 Facilities Budgeting and Staffing Survey Report 2 min read

From the archives: NBOA’s 2015–2016 Facilities Budgeting and Staffing Survey Report illustrates independent schools’ struggles to maintain their biggest assets.
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Risk and Compliance: Leadership’s Role in Creating a Culture of Safety 4 min read

A four-step strategy for preventing sexual abuse in independent schools.
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To Text or Not to Text? Recommended Practices for Staff-Student Communications 3 min read

Texting is where students live. For staff-student communications, schools must develop policies that balance safety with reality.

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Five Critical Factors for Your School's Future 3 min read

Independent school leaders often ask me for advice regarding what they should be thinking about to help ensure a financially healthy future. It's a tough and important question, with an answer that's difficult to distill
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Your Money or Your Data 12 min read

Ransomware is one of the next big threats to school data. “The bad guys are smart but lazy. If I had a choice to go after a school or a bank, I’d go after schools that are woefully unprepared for the skills I bring.”
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Q&A with Melissa Orth 10 min read

The chair of NBOA’s Board of Directors reflects on the not-for-profit difference, the CFO-head of school partnership and the omnipresent topic of financial sustainability.
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A Delicate Balance: Should You Hire a Dedicated Risk Management Officer? 10 min read This item is protected.

Growing numbers of schools consider adding a dedicated risk manager. “It’s not that the CFO is doing less. It’s just that there is so much to keep up with and do that no one person can do it all.”
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Travel Assurance 12 min read

Rising anxieties over international travel programs have schools stepping up due diligence, buttoning up procedures. “The reality is, there but for the grace of God goes any school.”


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Counter to Our Missions 4 min read

Independent schools must be resolute in providing the safest of havens where those wishing to do harm are quickly identified and weeded out.
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Housing Benefits and Taxation: a Misunderstood Area 7 min read

Tax-free or subsidized on- or off-campus housing is among independent schools’ most generous fringe benefits for select staff, as well as among the most misunderstood in terms of potential tax liability.
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OSHA's Jurisdiction over Independent Schools 5 min read This item is protected.

Yes, your school is subject to OSHA regulations. And “common sense” precautions may not be legally compliant.
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Leveraging the Land 11 min read

Seeking new long-term revenue sources without losing sight of their missions, independent schools get entrepreneurial in digging into their real estate. “Land is an asset you can’t get back.”
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The Perils of Procrastination in Facilities Management 6 min read

Establishing or reallocating capital funds for PPRRSM is one of the greatest intergenerational gifts an institution can make.
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Taming the Bandwidth Dragon 8 min read

Boarding schools in particular are straining to keep up with demand for high-speed Internet access. These strategies can improve connectivity without breaking the bandwidth budget.



years is the target ceiling for a school plant's financial "age."

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