Business Operations
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Students Tackle Operational Issues 4 min read

Stuart Country Day School’s campus-as-lab program, led by the school’s facilities director, enables students to solve real-world problems — while helping administrators collect campus data.


  • Facilities

Projections: Knowing the Neighbors 4 min read

Building plans? Don’t wait until groundbreaking to engage with the neighbors.
  • Extended Day
  • | Leadership

Making After-School Programming Meaningful 4 min read

Innovative, student-driven programs add value, enrich students, further school mission and attract new families.

Safety & Security  

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Safety & Security: Is Security Part of Your School’s Culture? 4 min read

Spending alone won’t make your school more secure. The most effective security strategies prioritize school culture.
  • Cybersecurity
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Cybersecurity Goes Beyond the Technology Office 3 min read

A school’s online safety requires vigilance from every department.
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All In: Total Cost of Ownership at Independent Schools 15 min read This item is protected.

School facilities are notorious for hiding their true costs. A total cost of ownership approach can help you avoid surprises and make decisions that pay off years down the line.


  • Audit
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Strategies: Blueprints and Checkboxes: Simplifying the Facilities Audit 3 min read

With an affordable in-house audit, both your facilities team and your service providers will become more familiar with your campus and more invested in it too.
  • Crisis Management
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Educators-First Security 3 min read

Teachers and students should be at the center of school security training, and empowered (not intimidated) for the most effective results.

Safety & Security  

  • Extended Day
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Safety & Security: Are Your Auxiliary Programs Prepared for an Emergency? 5 min read

The unique challenges associated with after-school, evening and weekend activities merit additional considerations.
  • Facility Rental
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Found Money: Untapped Income Opportunities 12 min read

Look closer. Could there be untapped income opportunities in your facilities, your programs, your operating cash and reserves?
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A Capital Plan 14 min read This item is protected.

From bridge financing to a unique co-location partnership, schools’ construction financing strategies reveal new levels of creativity, resourcefulness and fiscal prudence.

Risk & Compliance  

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Risk & Compliance: Wage and Hour Laws Don’t Go on Summer Vacation 5 min read

Are summer camps exempt from FLSA requirements? A closer look at the recreational establishment exemption.
  • Extended Day
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Extended Day, Extending the Brand 12 min read

After-school programming can and should be much more than an afterthought. This school’s robust and thoughtful program is a powerful differentiator that fosters enrollment growth.

Safety & Security  

  • Safety and Security

Safety & Security: Dismissal Security and Efficiency 4 min read

Dismissal is the riskiest time of day. A few best practices can help schools more safely direct students in a multitude of directions.

Safety & Security  

  • Safety and Security

Safety & Security: From Fear to Empowerment: Changing Active-Shooter Protocols 5 min read

Traditional lockdown drills demoralized students and staff. New protocols built confidence and capabilities.

Mission & Motivation  

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Mission & Motivation: Walking the Talk: Going All-In for Environmental Sustainability 4 min read

The Northwest School’s long-held commitment to sustainability comes full circle in its purchasing policy, dining, facilities, transportation and, most recently, its investment policy.
  • Planning
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Using Head, Not Heart in School Emergency Planning 2 min read

While active shooter events draw overwhelming attention, sympathy and concern, reactions to them should not drive a school’s safety and preparedness policies, said safety experts from Kiernan Group Holdings in a recent N
  • Forms
  • | Software

Exploring Growth in School Electronic Health Records 3 min read

Supporters cite fewer mistakes, improved student health and streamlined processes.

5 Minutes with  

  • Enrollment
  • | Technology

5 Minutes with Brad Rathgeber: Filling Out the Catalog 11 min read

Online learning’s rapid evolution isn’t just giving independent schools more course options. It’s also redefining expectations for exemplary teaching, according to One Schoolhouse founder Brad Rathgeber.

Business Intelligence  

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Business Intelligence: Member Survey Highlights: Armed Guards and Rental Facilities 3 min read

For an informal glimpse into how your peers are handling a situation, check out NBOA's surveying tool. Highlights from two recent surveys.



years is the target ceiling for a school plant's financial "age."

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