2017 Business Officer Institute

Business Officer Institute

June 19-23, 2017  •  San Diego, CA  •  La Jolla Country Day School

2018 Business Officer Institute will take place Monday, June 18 - Friday, June 22 at the Moses Brown School in Providence, RI. Registration will open in January.


The Business Officer Institute provides the hands-on tools and resources needed for you to be successful at your school. You manage many areas every day—accounting and finance, human resources, facilities, and technology—and getting up to speed in a short period of time will ultimately lead to your success in this role.

This program is hosted by La Jolla Country Day School in San Diego, CA. Participants will stay off-campus at a hotel. All educational programs take place at La Jolla Country Day School, and several fun extracurricular events will be offered. The program begins with a speaker and dinner on Monday, June 19th and officially concludes at noon on Friday, June 23rd.

The Business Officer Institute is created for and geared toward business officers who are new, or relatively new to their role and provides an immersion into the independent school world in a safe-to-learn environment. For those with more experience in the profession, the Business Officer Institute provides an opportunity to get a tune-up on the current issues facing business officers today in addition to serving as mentors to newer professionals.

This program offers a mix of general sessions and concurrent programming, allowing you to choose sessions in the areas you need most help with. Using a variety of learning experiences, the Business Officer Institute program offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity for new business officers to build a foundation of skills and knowledge to support you and your school.

The Business Officer Institute is an intimate learning experience that provides participants with opportunities to create long-term professional friendships with their peers. Past attendees attest that the relationships built at the Business Officer Institute have proven invaluable to them over the course of their careers.

This intense, focused and energizing program allows you to concentrate on a variety of essential topics in a short amount of time. Courses are taught by experienced faculty, most of whom are business officers currently working in independent schools and facing the very issues you are. Other experts with industry-specific knowledge will lead seminars that focus on key aspects of independent schools.

"As someone who is just entering this career path, the entire experience of BOI was invaluable. I had yet to start my position and was looking to learn and build a network of friends and colleagues who I could reach out to in the future. The faculty, with their vast experience and wisdom, were wonderful. I particularly enjoyed the PLNs where we were able to meet as small groups to discuss, in a much more informal setting, the topics and issues we currently face as business managers of independent schools. I believe that next year, as I will have a year of experience under my belt, will be all the more beneficial to me."

Brian Cates

Brian Cates

Business Manager, Lake Tahoe School


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