NBOA's Commitment to DE&I


In support of our mission to advance business leadership in independent schools, NBOA is committed to intentionality and action regarding diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I). DE&I are important to the individuals who comprise and engage with the association and critical to our personal and collective success. The statement and values that we put forward to our community and have committed to in the association's strategic framework are aspirational and essential to advancing DE&I meaningfully within the association and its work. NBOA’s DE&I efforts are to be all encompassing, with a commitment from the NBOA Board of Directors, as well as its professional staff, member schools and their representatives, business partners and volunteers.


Statement on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

In principle and in practice, NBOA seeks inclusion, diversity and belonging within our community. NBOA is committed to providing a welcoming and equitable environment with opportunities for all to engage. Differences are valued, including but not limited to, individuals' ability, age, appearance, ethnicity, gender identity, geographical location, national origin, professional level, race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or socioeconomic status.


Definitions and Values

Diversity refers to the composition of a group of people from any number of demographic backgrounds, identities (both innate and selected), and the collective strength of their experiences, beliefs, values, skills and perspectives.

NBOA deliberately seeks a diverse representation of people and backgrounds in everything the association does and offers.

An equitable environment challenges intentional and unintentional forms of bias, harassment and discrimination, and promotes alternative actions. Because an environment can be welcoming and inequitable, an equitable organization will aim to recognize and eliminate barriers to full participation at individual and systemic levels.

NBOA seeks a sense of belonging for individuals by providing equitable access and opportunity to feel safe to engage in and benefit from everything the association does and offers.

Inclusion is the act of establishing philosophies, policies, practices and procedures so that organizations and individuals contributing to the association's success have equal access to opportunities, information and resources.

NBOA ensures all voices are sought, valued and engaged and that all perspectives are represented in everything the association does and offers.