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  • Leadership

Pause To Celebrate 2021’s Successes 4 min read

Your school’s extraordinary efforts have made an extraordinary impact on your school community.
  • Leadership

2022 NBOA Annual Meeting: Ready for More: Ben Nemtin 7 min read

Independent schools’ rapid-fire innovations over the past two years have required resources, time and most of all energy. NBOA Awards Luncheon speaker Ben Nemtin offers insights on refilling the tank so leaders can keep

CEO Notebook  

  • Leadership

Lessons from a Musical Genius 5 min read

Three takeaways from Stephen Sondheim’s storied career can help independent schools face another challenging year — with verve.
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • | Leadership

2022 NBOA Annual Meeting: Capacity for Audacity: Jade Simmons 8 min read

Renowned pianist and opening keynote speaker Jade Simmons explains how everyone can bring creativity into the workplace.

Mission & Motivation  

  • Enrollment
  • | Leadership

Mission & Motivation: Partnerships That Raise Our Profile 4 min read

Creating joint programs with related organizations has helped differentiate our school in a competitive market.

CEO Notebook  

  • Human Resources
  • | Leadership

The Hybrid Business Office Requires Candor and Care 4 min read

Remote work isn’t in itself an obstacle to building trust among colleagues, but strong results require intentional bridge-building.

After School  

  • Leadership

After School: Home Ties 4 min read

Serving as treasurer for her university alumni association has strengthened this business officer’s connections to Thailand.
  • Admission
  • | Enrollment
  • | Leadership

Advancing the Bottom Line: Integrating Enrollment and Advancement 13 min read This item is protected.

Integrating advancement, communications and marketing functions can help leaders tap resources to generate alternative revenue streams. Ann Snyder, director of independent and international schools at the Council for Adv

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  • Leadership

Data Collection Made Easier 3 min read

Collaboration between NBOA and NAIS will yield new insights that will help all schools plan strategically.

Risk & Compliance  

  • Legal
  • | Risk Management

Risk & Compliance: Religious Rights and Personal Liberties in Independent Schools 7 min read

Religious schools should consider how high courts have recently handled the “ministerial exception” when considering issues such as transgender rights and vaccine exemptions.

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  • Leadership

Every Kind of Leader Has a (Correctable) Blind Spot 4 min read

Whatever your greatest leadership strength is, it can become a liability — that with sufficient attention, you can correct for and bolster.

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  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • | Leadership

When Politics Knocks, Answer with Mission 4 min read

Our schools’ missions and values are being put to the test. They should be our guide as we navigate contentious times. 

5 Minutes with  

  • Boards and Trustees
  • | Leadership

5 Minutes with Rose Neubert: More Voices Lifted 9 min read

NBOA’s 2021–23 board chair shares how diverse visions are helping shape a stronger future for her school.

CEO Notebook  

  • Leadership

Collective Effervescence 4 min read

We have been missing something in our professional development that I am hopeful we can now reclaim, with the appropriate precautions.
  • Leadership

Rising Higher: Strategies to Strengthen the Business Office Pipeline 14 min read This item is protected.

Tapping and cultivating internal talent can lead to strong new business office leaders.

CEO Notebook  

  • Leadership

A Long View on Leadership 4 min read

Our schools will need strong business office leadership far beyond our current crises.
  • Leadership
  • | Professional Development

How Is a Business Office Built? 12 min read This item is protected.

Results from a recent survey suggest business office staffing is based on number of responsibilities more than budget size.
  • Change Management
  • | Diversity and Inclusion

DEI Transformation 10 min read This item is protected.

How to build consensus, maintain energy and remain mission-aligned when your school faces questions regarding its diversity, equity and inclusion efforts.

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  • Leadership

The Future of Virtual Governance 4 min read

We would do well to continue some aspects of digital meetings developed earlier in the pandemic — but not all of them.

CEO Notebook  

  • Leadership

Burnout Is a Problem. Collaboration May Be the Answer. 4 min read

We are facing another tenuous school year with the spread of the Delta variant, but we can lean on each other for support — and new ideas — to help our schools thrive. 



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