The Best of Net Assets Magazine 2023

In NBOA's 25th-year, Net Assets magazine focused on critical issues in independent schools, from navigating the challenges of inflation to fostering inclusive environments.

Dec 11, 2023

2023 was not just any year for NBOA; it was the association's 25th anniversary. We celebrated in style and in-person at the 2023 NBOA Annual Meeting, online with a digital timeline and webpage, and in print with a deluxe edition of Net Assets magazine, which recounted the story of the association, tallied notable accomplishments, and shared a wealth of wisdom—true to the founding vision of NBOA. Of course, we also kept up with the latest issues over the course of the calendar year, including trends in compensation and benefits, inflation, mental health for students and staff, school safety, financial aid and tuition, and artificial intelligence. Here’s a baker’s dozen of the year’s top articles, according to clicks and feedback. Enjoy! 

Saint Mark’s Episcopal School students

Strategic Financial Planning with the NBOA Heat Map
Four schools share how they've utilized the financial sustainability heat map.

Never Let a Deferred Maintenance Project Go to Waste
This South Florida school turned the need to replace its aging sea wall into an opportunity for innovation.

Celebrate! 25 Years of NBOA: Origin Story
The story of how NBOA came to be, how it’s evolved over 25 years, and where it is going in the next 25 years.

Is a PEO Right for Your School?
PEOs can offer more options for employees and reduced workload for the business office.

Riding the Waves: Managing Risk in the Mental Health Crisis
With mental health risks at all-time highs, school leaders can help both staff and students “ride the waves” of emotion while protecting the school.

Students at John Cooper School

The Business Case for DEI: Supporting the Board’s DEI Goals
Tracking data, assessing vendors and working with the investment committee are just a few ways business officers can play a role in board level DEI work.

AI has never been more accessible, and it will impact every corner of the independent school business office. Discover key considerations and business applications.

Safe Bets: School Security
When it comes to school safety technology, what actually works? And what is worth the investment?

Risk & Compliance: Post Affirmative Action Is Financial Aid Next?
Following the Supreme Court’s decision, financial aid practices may receive more scrutiny.

Business Intelligence: Tuition Discounting Pulse Check
Trends in the tuition discount rate, discount types, administering discounts, funding discounts and more.

Inflation Reduction Act Opens Solar Opportunities for Schools
The IRA opens the door for nonprofits to take advantage of tax credits associated with solar power.

Projections: Beyond Compensation in the Age of Inflation
When it’s challenging for independent schools to raise salaries in line with inflation, leaders must find other ways to incentivize faculty and staff to stay.

Business Office Basics: Financial Equilibrium
A balanced budget is nice, but it is not enough.


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