The 2022 Independent School Cost-Per-Enrollment Study

Strengthen Your Enrollment Management Strategy with New Industry Research

This joint research report from the Enrollment Management Association, National Association of Independent Schools and NBOA provides a formula for estimating the cost to enroll a student, which can be customized to individual schools, and also trend data from independent schools across the country. More important than benchmarking against other schools, however, is for schools to consider what costs go into their enrollment efforts and what returns on those investments are. Key data points include median cost per inquiry, median cost per application, median cost per enrollment and median tuition generated for each dollar spent to enroll a new student. The report includes detailed findings based on day/boarding, grades, size, region and co-ed/single sex as well as key points for leadership discussion and resources for data gathering. 

Released: 2022

The 2022 Independent School Cost-Per-Enrollment Study cover
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