Volunteer Opportunities FAQs

Who can submit an application to be a volunteer?
NBOA volunteers must be employed by an independent school that is an NBOA member in good standing. In principle and in practice, NBOA values and seeks inclusion and diversity within our community. NBOA is committed to providing a welcoming and equitable environment with opportunities for engagement regardless of an individual's ability, age, appearance, ethnicity, gender identity, geographical location, national origin, professional level, race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or socioeconomic status. NBOA invites volunteers with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

What volunteer opportunities are available to business partners?
Thank you for your interest in getting more involved and supporting the NBOA member community! The current slate of councils and committees are designed for school-based volunteers. Please email corporaterelations@nboa.org for more information on engagement opportunities for business partners.

What volunteer opportunities are appropriate for business office professionals at different stages of their career?
NBOA welcomes and actively seeks volunteers and engaged members at every point in their professional journey. We encourage those who are brand new to the independent school environment to get involved and engaged through active participation in the NBOA Connect online community and/or through education programs. Those with a few years' experience in the independent school business office may find joining the Net Assets Editorial Advisory Committee or the Program Selection Committee to be most rewarding, and these committees also have highly experienced members as well. The NBOA Connect Ambassadors and the three Constituent Councils seek members with substantial professional experience and a foundation of knowledge they can share directly with other members. Seasoned and experienced business officers can give back in any of the prior roles, or by serving as BOI Faculty.

How are volunteers selected?
The call for volunteers is typically held each Winter/Spring. Check the volunteer opportunities page for dates for the next call for volunteers. Volunteer submissions are reviewed by NBOA staff liaisons and volunteers are selected based on interest, experience and needs.

When are volunteers selected and when do volunteer responsibilities start?
Program Selection Committee volunteers are notified of their selection status in early May. All other members who submitted their interest in volunteering are notified of their selection status by late June. Each council and committee hosts an orientation based on the activity and needs of the respective group. The BOI Faculty call for volunteers is held separately in the Fall.

Is participating in a volunteer council or committee a prerequisite for joining the NBOA Board of Directors?
No, however, a demonstrated commitment to NBOA and demonstrated leadership ability and experience in NBOA and other organizations are strong considerations in the candidate selection process.

What are the requirements for joining the NBOA Board of Directors? How do I know if I’m ready for this opportunity?
NBOA Board members must be currently employed by an NBOA member school or organization. Additionally, candidates for nomination will be reviewed based upon the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated commitment to NBOA’s mission and its commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Previous nonprofit governance experience and clear understanding and appreciation for the respective role of the board in partnership with the NBOA staff
  • Participation in NBOA’s programs and services
  • Experience as a volunteer leader within NBOA (this includes constituent councils, program advisory committees, program speaker, magazine contributor, etc.)
  • Ability and willingness to serve (candidate’s employer will support the candidate’s commitment to the role)

How many positions on the NBOA Board are available each year?
The number of available positions in a given year varies. The election of candidates is based upon the needs of the Board to ensure that the governing body is comprised of engaged members with appropriate competencies, skills and experiences representing the scope and diversity of the NBOA membership. Size and type of school, geographic distribution, race and ethnicity, gender balance and ability to advance the direction of NBOA as guided by its strategic plan are all factors that the nominating committee considers on an annual basis.

What is the process for selecting NBOA Board members?
The NBOA Board is self-perpetuating and seeks to be representative of the membership. Members are encouraged to participate in the nomination process by either recommending themselves or by recommending potential candidates to the Nominating Committee of the Board. This committee annually considers and proposes for nomination potential candidates to fill upcoming vacancies on the Board.

The recommendation process opens in October and closes in November. The recommender should, to the extent possible, make reference to the qualities listed above (under “What are the requirements for joining the NBOA Board of Directors?”). All recommendations for nomination and any information collected as part of the process are strictly confidential.

The Nominating Committee meets in late-winter and forwards a slate of nominees to the NBOA Board of Directors for election in time for newly elected directors to join the Board as guests at its spring Board of Directors Meeting. All individuals recommended will be advised of the committee's decisions as soon as is practicable.

If a nominee is not chosen one year, can they resubmit a Board nomination another year?
In any given year, many excellent candidates may not be selected for the limited director positions available. Recommendations to the committee are considered only for openings that given year. Please consider re-submitting your recommendation from the previous year if you believe the individual is still interested in serving and would be a strong NBOA board member.