Essentials of the Business Office



This program is presented with generous support from TIAA.

NBOA's Essentials of the Business Office is a six-week online course designed for both business officers new to independent schools as well as the more experienced business administrator who wants to gain new insights. Participants share experiences of the ever-changing role of the business officer, from the day-do-day responsibilities to the strategic leadership role.

On an asynchronous online-learning platform, through sharing information about your school with online colleagues, and interacting with the class facilitator, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of independent school business operations. Discover resources for ongoing operational support, and establish a national learning community of peers with whom you can continue to explore the issues of business administration and leadership within independent schools.

Each week, a different topic will be covered asynchronously, so that while participants should plan to work two to three hours each week on the class, the timing of that work can be flexible. In addition, for participants seeking CPE credit, three webinars will be broadcast live, allowing those who participate in the webinars to earn up to three CPE credits. This class uses a variety of resources including articles, recorded webinars and discussion boards. Topics covered include independent school culture and governance, accounting and tax issues, financial planning and budgeting, tuition management and accounts receivable strategies, accounting and audits, human resources, facilities operations and risk management.

Class size is limited to 40 participants.

The Essentials of the Business Office is being offered in partnership between NBOA and One Schoolhouse.

Questions? Contact Rini Sarmaroy at or call 202-407-7139.

"This class really helped me to see my role in a different light. I am in the process of transforming my position from that of an accountant to more of a true CFO. This class really helped to give me perspective on how to do just that. I found the introduction to NBOA's tools and resources very valuable and gave me the opportunity to build a learning library. My hope is to better help my school immediately and perhaps help others eventually as I gain more experience and insight in this diversified role of business officer for a school."

Linda Tayrien

Linda Tayrien

Chief Financial Officer, Faith Lutheran Middle School & High School



Business Intelligence for Independent Schools (BIIS) Now Open for Data Collection and Reporting

BIIS — the new data collection and reporting tool from NBOA built by business officers, for business officers is now open for collection and reporting. BIIS combines previous NBOA research efforts into a one-stop resource that will provide you with the most comprehensive picture of your school's financial health, sustainability and staffing with a national data set of similar schools.

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