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  • | Safety and Security

A School Where “P” Means Protection 4 min read

Presence, process and protocols: Best practices from a head of school who is also a certified school safety manager.
  • Employment
  • | Risk Management

Due Diligence: The Background Check Moves Front and Center 11 min read

From the archives: Schools update hiring processes as stakes, and compliance requirements, climb. “Hiring still comes back to your perception of the individual.”

5 Minutes with  

  • Facilities
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5 Minutes with Brian King and Derek Symer: There’s Something in the Air 8 min read

From the crumb rubber in artificial turf to Wi-Fi radiation, pollution exposures are mounting for independent schools.

Mission & Motivation  

  • Policy
  • | Risk Management

Mission & Motivation: Vibrant, Varied, Safe: a Team Commitment to Outdoor Education 4 min read

Mutual respect governs a risk management committee that overlooks no details when it comes to outdoor trip-planning.
  • Risk Management
  • | Safety and Security

Preventing the Unthinkable 12 min read

From the archives: What your school can do to protect itself from security threats.

Risk & Compliance  

  • Risk Management
  • | Technology

Risk & Compliance: Cybersecurity and Master Planning 3 min read

One of the best times to address cybersecurity risks is before building or remodeling. Do not rely solely on your IT team.

Risk & Compliance  

  • Risk Management

Risk & Compliance: Title IX and Independent Schools 4 min read This item is protected.

The broad scope of this federal law extends far beyond athletics and is often applicable to many independent school programs and issues.
  • Misconduct
  • | Risk Management

The Case for Legal Counsel 3 min read

Student misconduct. Faculty misconduct. Inadequate policies governing risk management and inclusion/diversity. Any of these issues and many more could result in costly and time-consuming legal action against independent

Risk & Compliance  

  • Risk Management
  • | Safety and Security

Risk & Compliance: Independent Schools’ Overlooked Risks: Cherished Traditions 4 min read

They're a part of every school's culture and legacy. They're also fraught with risk.
  • Procedures
  • | Risk Management

Case Study: a School’s Last Phishing Trip 3 min read

Your school has probably received fishy requests for bank transfers. A forensic analysis of your email system can help prevent staff from falling for them.
  • Risk Management
  • | Safety and Security

Risk and Compliance: Leadership’s Role in Creating a Culture of Safety 4 min read

A four-step strategy for preventing sexual abuse in independent schools.
  • Enrollment
  • | Trips

Save Me a Seat: Tuition Remission Policies for Student Leave 6 min read

How to balance requests for temporary leave with your school’s financial needs.

CEO Notebook  

  • Compliance
  • | Enrollment

President Trump’s Potential Impact on the Business of Independent Schools 3 min read

Whatever our personal feelings about the presidential election, we in the independent school community can unite in a shared understanding of the potential impact on independent schools.
  • Key Technology
  • | Risk Management
  • | Technology

To Text or Not to Text? Recommended Practices for Staff-Student Communications 3 min read

Texting is where students live. For staff-student communications, schools must develop policies that balance safety with reality.
  • Labor Law
  • | Policy
  • | Risk Management

Technology Policies: Reserve These Rights 5 min read This item is protected.

Are your policies and procedures keeping up with new risks and laws?
  • Accounting
  • | Risk Management

COSO: Don't Get Left in the Dark 7 min read

Why using COSO’s time-tested framework for internal controls may be in your school’s best interest
  • Key Strategic Finance
  • | Planning
  • | Risk Management

Beyond the Dashboard: The Financial Sustainability Heat Map 8 min read

A dashboard tells you where you have been. A “heat map” reveals your progress toward your destination.
  • Risk Management
  • | Technology

Your Money or Your Data 12 min read

Ransomware is one of the next big threats to school data. “The bad guys are smart but lazy. If I had a choice to go after a school or a bank, I’d go after schools that are woefully unprepared for the skills I bring.”
  • Crisis Management
  • | Procedures

Nowhere to Hide: Best Practices in Crisis Management 10 min read

Amid mounting high-profile media scrutiny, independent schools embrace best practices in crisis management and communications. “When a school does the right thing, its community feels proud.”
  • Compliance
  • | Employee Benefits

Frequently Asked Questions about the New Overtime Rule 8 min read This item is protected.

Confusion persists over changes to the FLSA overtime exemption charges. Teachers are exempt, but schools could see their employment costs grow for many other staff.



years is the target ceiling for a school plant's financial "age."

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