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The APPI Energy database enables our team to benchmark historical and real-time energy supplier prices in every deregulated energy market in the U.S. Unbiased and independent, APPI Energy has earned the endorsement of 158 trade associations, including NBOA, to provide energy expertise to members.

Selecting the best energy supplier price and contract is a complex process. The critical goal is to ensure that each supplier’s quote includes the same price components and contract clauses. Since 1996, APPI Energy has vetted and approved 36 supplier companies and more than 144 contracts. Our proprietary platform gives clients a competitive edge as they make informed, customized purchasing decisions.

APPI Energy maintains a proprietary database of more than 250 million records, enabling our consultants to compare historical and real-time prices in every deregulated energy market. Decisions about when to buy and contract length are based on data, analytics, and expertise. APPI Energy consultants craft solutions that fit each client’s needs.

Our procurement process is effective:

  • Evaluate current supplier contract, building energy usage, historical tariffs, market data, risk tolerance, and current efficiency projects.
  • Retrieve account information and usage data from utility.
  • Send customized RFP to multiple vetted suppliers.
  • Provide apples-to-apples comparison of supplier prices and contracts.
  • Manage smooth transition to new services.
  • Continually monitor your accounts and the energy markets to ensure customer excellence.
  • Identify future cost-reducing solutions.

If you'd like to learn more about how APPI Energy can help your school save money on energy costs, visit As a benefit of your membership in NBOA you will receive a complimentary preliminary consultation and account data analysis from APPI. Reach out to set up a meeting!

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