May/June 2018 Issue

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  • Culture
  • | Safety and Security

Soft Targets? I Disagree.

Independent schools aren’t “soft targets” that need to be hardened. We are learning communities that need to be safe for our students.
3 min read

After School  

  • Culture

After School: Much More than Kicks

A lifelong love for soccer has strengthened this business officer’s connection to his independent school, first as a student-athlete and now as a staff member-coach.
4 min read

5 Minutes with  

  • Leadership

5 Minutes with Jane Carney: A Love for Education, an Ambition for Business

The 2018 recipient of the Ken White Distinguished Business Officer Award says a key to her success at independent schools has been her network of generous business officers. “The business office can be an island unto its
9 min read

Business Intelligence  

  • Endowment
  • | Investments

Business Intelligence: Back in Black: In 2017, Endowments Made up for Lost Years

Independent school endowment returns rose regardless of school size.
2 min read

Safety & Security  

  • Risk Management
  • | Safety and Security

Safety & Security: Arm Our Schools’ Security Guards?

Rising incidence of campus violence moves an uncomfortable discussion to the fore.
4 min read

Risk & Compliance  

  • Planning
  • | Risk Management

Risk & Compliance: Developing a Business Continuity Plan

A comprehensive plan that enables a school’s core offerings to continue after an emergency can not only save time and money during the recovery, but also foster community and connections.
4 min read
  • Risk Management

#NotUs: Mitigating the Risk of Sexual Harassment This item is protected.

Schools re-examine their practices for preventing sexual harassment in the era of #MeToo. “If people do come forward and we don’t do anything, we are de facto condoning the behavior. As a result, we could lose good peopl
11 min read
  • Food Service

The Main Course

Schools uncover new strategies for making dining a winner — nutritionally, reputationally and financially.
10 min read

Mission & Motivation  

  • Culture
  • | Survey

Mission & Motivation: A Rise from Research

Taking the feedback hike together: How parent surveys improved leadership, staff unity, student outcomes and enrollment.
4 min read
  • Enrollment
  • | Facilities

Building Enrollment This item is protected.

Imaginative and strategic repurposing of underused spaces shows how modest budgets can strengthen enrollment, reinforce mission. 
9 min read


  • Human Resources

Strategies: Emotional Intelligence for High-Stakes Hiring

By screening candidates for empathy and adaptability, this school gets this school improves retention and satisfaction with hires.
4 min read


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