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To Stay Secure, Think Like a Fraudster 7 min read

The longer a fraudster has been at a school, the larger the losses and the less likely he or she will be suspected. Knowing what motivates fraudsters can supplement internal controls in mitigating risk.

Risk & Compliance  

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Risk & Compliance: The New Pay Equity Laws 5 min read

While federal law has done little to shrink the gender pay gap, more states have passed laws on comparable pay, which may impact school hiring practices.
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When Tragedy Knocks: Losing a Faculty Member 8 min read

No one on campus wants to consider what happens after the death of a colleague or their own passing, but preparing for the worst will help everyone in a time of grief.
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Who’s in the Room? Calling Witnesses in School Investigations 4 min read

When a school undertakes a misconduct investigation, deciding who to call as a witness is not always clear. Three independent school lawyers weigh in.
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With Justice for All: School Investigations 17 min read This item is protected.

Should your school face the dreaded day of a serious misconduct allegation, you will need to know what situations require an investigation, who can conduct one and what the outcomes might be.
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Overdrive: Managing Transportation Risk 14 min read This item is protected.

Managing the infinite scenarios of transportation risk — from owning or outsourcing vehicles to corralling volunteer drivers —  requires time, expertise and financial resources to keep everyone safe.

Mission & Motivation  

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Mission & Motivation: Who Manages Risk at Your School? 6 min read

Given the emergence of new risks and the evolving school operating environment, now could be the time to revisit your organizational structure and carve out the resources to add a new position.
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Under Pressure: Student Mental Health 15 min read

Rising toll of student stress, anxiety and depression adds to urgency of schools’ risk-mitigation practices.

Risk & Compliance  

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Risk & Compliance: Where Were the Chaperones? 4 min read

It’s a job, not a vacation. Back to basics on supervision and school trips.
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Cybersecurity Goes Beyond the Technology Office 3 min read

A school’s online safety requires vigilance from every department.
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Use the Calm To Weather the Storm 3 min read

How well a school handles a crisis may depend on six factors, including board relations, dedicated committees and defined roles.
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The Fires Next Time: Climate Change and Business Continuity 16 min read

Ensuring business continuity in the era of climate change requires thinking ahead to potential worst-case weather scenarios, and budgeting accordingly.
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Educators-First Security 3 min read

Teachers and students should be at the center of school security training, and empowered (not intimidated) for the most effective results.
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Keep Calm and Enforce Your Harassment Policies 4 min read

When a sexual harassment claim hits a school, pressure to react fast can be intense. To protect all stakeholders, schools should investigate and take action well before a crisis arrives.

Safety & Security  

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Safety & Security: Are Your Auxiliary Programs Prepared for an Emergency? 5 min read

The unique challenges associated with after-school, evening and weekend activities merit additional considerations.
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Sesame Allergies Increase, Prompting Labeling Concerns 2 min read

Experts attribute trend to greater prevalence of sesame seeds and oils in the modern diet.

CEO Notebook  

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Top Four Pitfalls of the Hiring Process 4 min read

From relying on resumes to ineffective interviews, these common mistakes can be avoided.

Risk & Compliance  

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Risk & Compliance: Jump-Starting Enterprise Risk Management 4 min read

Knowing the top risks other independent schools face can help your school avoid getting stuck in the early phases of a risk management program.
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Too Close for Comfort 7 min read This item is protected.

Schools should look for more than sexual misconduct when identifying educator behaviors that can hurt students. The “rescue mentality” is a real risk.

Risk & Compliance  

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Risk & Compliance: Pros and Cons of Mandatory Arbitration Provisions 4 min read

Including these in employee and student contracts allows schools to avoid the court system. But are they the right move for your school?



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