Duties MJ23

Other Duties As Assigned  

  • Environmental Sustainability
  • | Leadership

Planting the Seeds 5 min read

Land stewardship for this business officer includes learning from campus beavers, who have improved water quality and retention.
Jeff Shields, Chad Stacy, Spencer Taintor, Rose Neubert

Voices from the Field  

  • Facilities
  • | Leadership
  • | Research

Change Makers 12 min read

What change is worth the effort? And how to make it happen? Leaders at schools that received this year’s Jeffrey Shields Innovation in School Business Operations engage each other in their answers.
stock illustration of regional map

Business Intelligence  

  • Enrollment
  • | Research
  • | Tuition

A Regional View of the Financial State of the Industry 5 min read This item is protected.

A school’s location can play a role in their financial operations.
clean energy


  • Budget
  • | Environmental Sustainability
  • | Facilities

Creating a Clean Energy Consortium 7 min read This item is protected.

Seven independent schools and an arts education center came together to create a hydroelectric power consortium. Annual savings per school are in the tens of thousands.
firm foundations


  • Budget
  • | Facilities

Firm Foundations Against Inflation 7 min read

School leaders are finding constructive ways to pursue capital projects despite higher materials costs, supply chain disruptions and rising interest rates.
hr leadership


  • Human Resources
  • | Leadership

Indispensable HR Leadership 9 min read This item is protected.

Now more than ever, insights from HR professionals can help guide school strategy, but their voices must be heard to drive positive impact.
School campus with students


  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • | Facilities

The Business Case for DEI: Accessible, Affordable Facilities 13 min read This item is protected.

Investing in accessible facilities goes beyond compliance for most schools — and can have unexpected dividends.
money image


  • Facilities
  • | Financing

Where the Money Goes 12 min read This item is protected.

When everything costs more, considered and strategic facilities spending is a must.
  • 403b
  • | Risk Management

SECURE 2.0 & Retirement Plans: What Independent Schools Need To Know Now 6 min read

The new law, aimed to help Americans prepare for retirement, impacts schools’ 403(b)/401(k) retirement plans, and leaders need to prepare.



years is the target ceiling for a school plant's financial "age."

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