July/August 2020 Issue

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  • Boards and Trustees
  • | Governance
  • | Planning

Strategies: Better Financial Fiduciaries 4 min read

A new book from NBOA helps independent school trustees not only understand school finances but also ask management better questions to drive more strategic discussions.

After School  

  • Leadership

After School: Growing Up in the Business Office 4 min read

This business officer never expected she would follow in her mother’s footsteps.

Business Intelligence  

  • Cash Management
  • | Endowment
  • | Investments

Business Intelligence: The Risks in External Revenue 2 min read

Independent schools’ reliance on alternative forms of revenue may pose problems as significant as heavy reliance on tuition.

Mission & Motivation  

  • Communication
  • | Culture
  • | Leadership

Mission & Motivation: On Speaking Terms 5 min read

In the lead up to the 2020 presidential election, how can schools mitigate the risk of toxic exchanges and foster cultures that respect differences?
  • Communication
  • | Crisis Management
  • | Culture

The Time for Contrition: Issuing a School Apology 8 min read This item is protected.

When independent schools revisit painful histories, apologies can be powerful — in not only acknowledging community pain but also building a stronger future.

Safety & Security  

  • Risk Management
  • | Safety and Security

Safety & Security: Using a Vulnerability Assessment to Transform School Safety 6 min read

When families’ expectations around school security have changed, a comprehensive assessment and redesign of school safety approaches may pay dividends.
  • Crisis Management
  • | Pandemic
  • | Trips

Plan, Practice, Pivot: Incident Response Teams 8 min read This item is protected.

Developing a strong incident response team has helped Miss Hall’s School handle unexpected challenges, including the ongoing pandemic.

Risk & Compliance  

  • Employment
  • | Risk Management

Risk & Compliance: Everyday Bias and Liability 6 min read

Microaggressions may be brief and commonplace, but they are damaging and pose a liability risk in independent schools.


  • Crisis Management
  • | Diversity and Inclusion
  • | Leadership

Projections: The Hope Still Lives 4 min read

Global challenges to the status quo demand that we change and adapt.
  • Crisis Management
  • | Leadership
  • | Pandemic

Impossible Is Off the Table: Lessons Learned During COVID-19 11 min read This item is protected.

Like their colleagues in the classroom, business officers turned on a dime during the first phase of the COVID-19 pandemic and adapted their approaches in surprisingly nimble ways.



years is the target ceiling for a school plant's financial "age."

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