Ransomware Gangs Grow More Extreme, Release Sensitive Data

Mar 21, 2023, 1:46 PM

(from Campus Safety) Earlier this year, a ransomware gang released photos of naked cancer patients after the hospital system from which the data was stolen refused to pay the ransom. Some patients are suing the hospital system for not sufficiently protecting the data. In March, data from Minnesota public schools was released after the school system refused to pay ransom; the data contained a sexual assault allegation, including student names. According to Coveware, a ransomware recovery company, only 37% of victims paid a ransom following a ransomware attack in Q4 2022, compared to 76% of victims in 2019. Greater investment in security and incident response planning have reduced the profitability of ransomware attacks, the company said, and this is driving the gangs to use new tactics. 

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