September/October 2021 Issue


After School  

After School: The Water Is Wide

Plunging into an old passion has helped this business officer approach the seemingly impossible.
3 min read

5 Minutes with  

  • Boards and Trustees
  • | Leadership

5 Minutes with Rose Neubert: More Voices Lifted

NBOA’s 2021–23 board chair shares how diverse visions are helping shape a stronger future for her school.
9 min read

Mission & Motivation  

Mission & Motivation: Transparent Performance

Systemizing performance management helps all parties avoid surprises and a school fulfill its mission.
4 min read
  • Leadership

Rising Higher: Strategies to Strengthen the Business Office Pipeline This item is protected.

Tapping and cultivating internal talent can lead to strong new business office leaders.
14 min read
  • Risk Management
  • | Technology

School Wide Web This item is protected.

As technology grows more complex, it’s increasingly important that schools include tech leaders at the highest levels of school decision making.
12 min read
  • Leadership
  • | Professional Development

How Is a Business Office Built? This item is protected.

Results from a recent survey suggest business office staffing is based on number of responsibilities more than budget size.
12 min read


  • Risk Management
  • | Technology

Strategies: A Multilayered Approach to Cybersecurity

An effective approach considers data, devices, software, employee training, backup systems and crisis management.
8 min read
  • Change Management
  • | Diversity and Inclusion

DEI Transformation This item is protected.

How to build consensus, maintain energy and remain mission-aligned when your school faces questions regarding its diversity, equity and inclusion efforts.
10 min read


  • Pandemic
  • | Technology

Projections: The Next Iteration of Independent Education

School will likely look different in coming years, in everything from our markets to our staffing approach to the ubiquitous touch of technology on and off campus.
8 min read
  • Audit
  • | Technology

The Future of Auditing in Schools

With careful planning, a mostly remote audit can improve teamwork and more meaningful communication between auditors and school staff.
7 min read


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