September/October 2020 Issue

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Business Intelligence  

  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • | Research

Business Intelligence: Supporting Our Youngest Business Office Professionals 4 min read

Most business office professionals under 35 find their work meaningful, but about half feel they need more support.


  • Crisis Management
  • | Leadership
  • | Pandemic

Projections: A Truly New School Year 4 min read

COVID-19 threatens to overshadow everything about the 2020–21 school year, but with cutting-edge resources, you can tackle new and long-standing issues alike.

After School  

  • Leadership

After School: The Home and the World 6 min read

Twenty years of working and living abroad provided endless opportunities to explore.

5 Minutes with  

  • Communication
  • | Technology

5 Minutes with Michael Nachbar: Knowing Your North 5 min read

Clearly communicating your school’s value proposition, which should be consistent whether learning happens in-person or online, will be key to weathering the challenges of the COVID-19 economy.


  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • | Human Resources

Strategies: Developing a Gender Diversity Policy 3 min read

Engaging a local partner, the board and faculty resulted in a policy that increased inclusivity.
  • Facilities
  • | Maintenance
  • | Technology

The Well-Connected Campus: Facilities and the Internet of Things 11 min read This item is protected.

Tapping the Internet of Things can reduce energy consumption and identify problem areas in facilities management.

Safety & Security  

  • Pandemic
  • | Safety and Security

Safety & Security: Situational Awareness and Behavior Analysis 4 min read

After a long stretch of relative isolation, returning students may be ill at ease.
  • Culture
  • | Diversity and Inclusion
  • | Leadership

Whose Business Is Belonging? 9 min read

Yes, the business office can respond to outcries of racism on campus. Diversity, equity and inclusion consultant Jen Cort shares what she’s heard and possible interventions.
  • Pandemic
  • | Risk Management
  • | Technology

The Lives of Others: Protecting Student Data Privacy 16 min read This item is protected.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and rapid school closures this past spring, new educational technologies provided a lifeline to schools, but some of these pose new privacy concerns.

Risk & Compliance  

  • Accounting
  • | Pandemic
  • | Risk Management

Risk & Compliance: Data Safety During a Pandemic 7 min read

What school staff members need to know as they work from home and handle increased requests for refunds.



years is the target ceiling for a school plant's financial "age."

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