November/December 2021 Issue

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Mission & Motivation  

  • Enrollment
  • | Leadership

Mission & Motivation: Partnerships That Raise Our Profile

Creating joint programs with related organizations has helped differentiate our school in a competitive market.
4 min read

After School  

  • Leadership

After School: Home Ties

Serving as treasurer for her university alumni association has strengthened this business officer’s connections to Thailand.
4 min read
  • Admission
  • | Enrollment

5 Minutes With Jenna Rogers King: To Test or Not To Test? This item is protected.

What business officers need to know about the admissions testing debate, the best of virtual admissions processes and potential iterations for online learning.
9 min read

Business Intelligence  

  • Research
  • | Tuition

Business Intelligence: Benchmarking for Small Schools

Modest changes that might not phase larger schools can impact smaller schools significantly.
3 min read
  • Admission
  • | Enrollment
  • | Leadership

Advancing the Bottom Line: Integrating Enrollment and Advancement This item is protected.

Integrating advancement, communications and marketing functions can help leaders tap resources to generate alternative revenue streams. Ann Snyder, director of independent and international schools at the Council for Adv
13 min read

Risk & Compliance  

  • Legal
  • | Risk Management

Risk & Compliance: Religious Rights and Personal Liberties in Independent Schools

Religious schools should consider how high courts have recently handled the “ministerial exception” when considering issues such as transgender rights and vaccine exemptions.
7 min read
  • Enrollment
  • | Tuition

Holding Patterns: Strategies for Student Retention This item is protected.

Schools that experienced a “flight to quality” last year share strategies that have helped them retain new students.
19 min read


  • Enrollment
  • | Financial Aid

Strategies: Partnering for Better Financial Aid Decisions

A structured financial aid review process that involves both admissions and the business office can maximize enrollment without breaking the bank.
6 min read


  • Enrollment
  • | Financial Aid

Projections: The Essential Business of Admissions

It is time to switch our mindset from short-term problem-solving to long-term strategizing.
8 min read


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