November/December 2018 Issue

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After School  

  • Leadership

After School: Milestones at Sea

Sharing just 200 square feet with a toddler and spouse required patience and problem-solving, but life on a sailboat was well worth it for this HR director.
4 min read

5 Minutes with  

  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • | Leadership

5 Minutes with Roderick White: Diversity Beyond the Visual

At a school where cultivated diversity drives enrollment demand, this administrator facilitates everything from classroom discussions to faculty hiring.
7 min read

Business Intelligence  

  • Budget
  • | Leadership

Business Intelligence: Markers of Sustainability

Assessing a school’s perceived value in the marketplace is one of several key data points that signal its financial health.
2 min read

Safety & Security  

  • Safety and Security

Safety & Security: From Fear to Empowerment: Changing Active-Shooter Protocols

Traditional lockdown drills demoralized students and staff. New protocols built confidence and capabilities.
5 min read
  • Budget
  • | Tuition Remission

Recruit, Retain, Remit: Trends in Tuition Remission This item is protected.

Invaluable for many employees but expensive for schools, tuition remission is evolving with schools' financial models.
13 min read

Risk & Compliance  

  • Legal
  • | Risk Management

Risk & Compliance: Pros and Cons of Mandatory Arbitration Provisions

Including these in employee and student contracts allows schools to avoid the court system. But are they the right move for your school?
4 min read
  • Enrollment
  • | Leadership

Bringing in Babies

Transforming 3,000 square feet of underused space, this K-8 independent school became the first in its area to offer programs for infants and toddlers.
7 min read


  • Budget
  • | Financial Aid

The Financial Aid Conundrum

How can schools employ mission-fit financial aid awards without harming their financial health?
4 min read
  • Endowment
  • | Leadership

Declarations of Independence This item is protected.

The end of its financial dependence on a longtime sponsor forced this school to scrutinize operations and reset its revenue and expense levers. “We were a 160 year-old toddler learning to take our financial first steps.”
9 min read

Mission & Motivation  

  • Environmental Sustainability
  • | Investments

Mission & Motivation: Walking the Talk: Going All-In for Environmental Sustainability

The Northwest School’s long-held commitment to sustainability comes full circle in its purchasing policy, dining, facilities, transportation and, most recently, its investment policy.
4 min read


  • Communication
  • | Financial Aid
  • | Key Enrollment

Strategies: Tackling a Shared Challenge

Independent schools in the Seattle area meet regularly to learn and support one another as they work to improve financial aid policies and strategies.
3 min read


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