Business Intelligence  

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You Asked, We Answered—with BIIS Data This item is protected.

NBOA’s BIIS can help shed a light on the value of interest and investment income, business officer salaries and more.
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Other Duties As Assigned  

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Back in the Business Office

This controller’s entry point to the independent school world was a graduate-level business office internship, which convinced her to return years later.
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Voices from the Field  

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Critical Compassion

Those whose work touches human resources have a special role to play in creating accessible, equitable school communities.
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Risk & Compliance  

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Why Is Insurance More Expensive?

Social inflation is changing the liability landscape. Understanding it can help your school manage the costs.
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Strategic Financial Planning with the NBOA Heat Map

The financial sustainability heat map has helped schools in areas from board communication to strategic planning. Here are four school’s stories.
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Saint Mark’s Episcopal School students


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Never Let a Deferred Maintenance Project Go to Waste This item is protected.

When this South Florida school needed to replace an aging sea wall, it became an opportunity for enhanced student learning and community impact.
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Beyond Compensation in the Age of Inflation

When it’s challenging for independent schools to raise salaries in line with inflation, leaders must find other ways to incentivize faculty and staff to stay.
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Is A PEO Right for Your School? This item is protected.

PEOs can offer more options for employees and reduced workload for the business office, but schools must know what they need to make the structure work.
9 min read
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2023 NBOA Annual Meeting: Seeing the Unseen: Erin Gruwell

NBOA Breakfast speaker Erin Gruwell shares what she sees changing in classrooms today and how school operations are vital to programmatic goals.
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