January/February 2021 Issue

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After School  

  • Leadership

After School: Story Time 7 min read

Observing her children inspired this business officer to pursue her passion for writing and publish a book.

Business Intelligence  

  • Communication
  • | Research

Business Intelligence: Deeper Insights from Your Data 5 min read

Could you be using data more strategically to improve benchmarking and reporting?

Safety & Security  

  • Risk Management
  • | Safety and Security

Safety & Security: Unfortunate Outcomes for Popular Safety Programs 7 min read

Options-based active-shooter response training programs have resulted in more casualties than other methods. So why are many schools still using them?


  • Human Resources
  • | RFP
  • | Technology

Strategies: Transitioning to an HR Information System 7 min read

How to make the RFP process work for your school and implement the new system smoothly.


  • Human Resources
  • | Leadership
  • | Pandemic

Projections: Restoring Our Communities 4 min read

While we have reason for optimism in the coming year, we must continue to adapt our human resources strategy to nurture our school communities.
  • Hiring
  • | Human Resources
  • | Leadership

Leads on the Business Leader: The School CFO Search 19 min read This item is protected.

When searching for a new business officer, look for a multifaceted communicator who can manage the myriad intersections of business, operations, mission and vision.
  • Employee Benefits
  • | Human Resources

The Assured Self-Insured 10 min read This item is protected.

Self-insured health insurance benefits can save schools money while minimizing disruptions. Four schools share their experiences.

5 Minutes with  

5 Minutes with Independent School HR professionals: Tending the Flock 7 min read

Responding to employees’ many concerns and needs has required an immense level of skill and foresight during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Change Management
  • | Diversity and Inclusion
  • | Leadership

2021 NBOA Annual Meeting: Return on Innovation: Duncan Wardle 11 min read

Opening keynote speaker Duncan Wardle has helped thousands of employees think differently — and improve their organizations’ perceived value.



years is the target ceiling for a school plant's financial "age."

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