Unsung Hero: Elizabeth Healy, Cardinal Spellman High School

Healy helped her school transition to an independent business model after years of being an archdiocesan school.

Sep 1, 2022

Elizabeth Healy, NBOA Unsung Hero

The Will J. Hancock Unsung Hero Award is given to business officers who have made extraordinary contributions to their schools and exemplify exceptional integrity, knowledge and motivation. At the end of each school year, new Unsung Heroes receive their award from their head of school, often at a significant school occasion such as a board meeting or an all-school ceremony. What makes these Unsung Heroes so special? The highlights below come straight from their colleagues' nominations. 

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Title: Vice President of Finance
School: Cardinal Spellman High School, Bronx, New York
Years in Position: 10
Years in an independent school business office: 15

Superpower: Groundbreaker: When Healy joined Cardinal Spellman High School in 2012, she entered at a transitional moment for the school, just three years after separating from the Archdiocese of New York. As her school’s first vice president of finance, Healy saw “the true transformation to financial independence take place,” according to President Daniel O’Keefe. “She has taken the school, as a business, from its infancy to a smoothly operating educational institution. She is truly a blessing to the school community.”

Holistic HR: In addition to her overseeing finance and operations at her school, Healy manages HR responsibilities. Her efforts to secure more reasonably priced health insurance — which included negotiations with the Archdiocese and the school’s healthcare provider — resulted in reduced rates for the school and the faculty, and enabled the school to include dental and vision care.

Alumna connections: As an alumna of Cardinal Spellman, Healy works every day to “ensure the current students are blessed with the same opportunities and experiences that she had,” said O’Keefe. For example, Healy often supports student volunteer groups and is known by name by many on campus.

Strong support: Though Healy “rarely ends up in the spotlight, her behind-the-scenes efforts benefit the school in countless ways and improve the lives of everyone in the community.” A hard worker and enthusiastic supporter of the school, Healy is seen as a role model by many faculty and staff.


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