The Best of 2022: Re-Defining Independent School Leadership

To address the challenges of 2022 and beyond, independent school leaders looked inward to redefine their values and priorities.

Dec 12, 2022

Net Assets 2022 covers

NBOA members don’t just keep up with the latest issues in independent school business and operations – they help to shape the industry’s future. The most-read Net Assets articles this year reflect the profession’s concern with issues ranging from employee mental health and wellbeing to competitive employee benefits to smarter school facilities. An increased focus on interpersonal and leadership skills was also apparent, as schools looked to each other for tips on conflict management and cultural competency. And of course, this list would not be complete without mentioning top areas of innovation in school business and finance, including tuition-setting, facilities funds and setting the bar for socioeconomic diversity.

Explore the full list and catch up on any articles you may have missed.

Get Well(ness) Soon
Schools are rethinking wellness programs to drive tangible improvements in staff and faculty wellbeing.

Key Questions To Combat the Great Resignation at Your School
A deep understanding of your school’s talent pool is a competitive advantage.

Strategies: Financial Reporting in a Flash
Focusing on 19 key financial indicators over nearly 20 years has helped one business officer ensure her school leverages resources for maximum impact.

Powering On
When polarizing issues come to campus, the business office can be a strong force in connecting the community.

No-Poach Agreements: Compliance and Best Practices
How do antitrust laws affect independent schools?

Voices from the Field: Leaders of Color in Independent Schools
Four business officers offer initial insights into diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives and their experiences at their schools.

Business Intelligence: Shining a Light on PPRRSM
Reserving funds is one way to manage the costs of protecting physical assets.

St. Stephen's Episcopal School

Strategies: A Straight-Talking Stipend System
Coaching stipends are notoriously difficult to standardize. This points-based system can help assure fair and well-reasoned compensation.

Risk & Compliance: Developing a Parental Leave Policy
More schools, even small ones, are offering paid leave to attract and retain top talent.

Other Duties as Assigned: A Seat at the FASB Table
This business officer represents independent schools on the FASB Not-for-Profit Advisory Committee.

Leaders Are Not Responsible for Success. They Are Accountable for It.
Four insights can help us meet the calls for leadership that have only been growing louder in recent years.

After the Firewall Falls
When a school experiences a cyber breach, a well-conceived communications plan can go a long way towards building community trust.

Wellness by Design: Ideas and Actions for a Healthier Campus
To help combat adolescent stress and to give both students and staff a breather, schools are investing in school wellness centers that emphasize connectedness.

Balancing Out the Barbell
Four schools detail how they have enrolled students from the full range of family incomes — and the impacts on both school finance and culture.

Today’s Price for Timeless Value
Resist letting fears of escalating inflation hijack your tuition-setting and budget-setting conversations this school year.



years is the target ceiling for a school plant's financial "age."

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