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Rosner Campus Space Planning Tool 

05-18-2020 02:29 PM

This tool was developed by The St. Paul’s Schools so they could figure out how many people (children and faculty/staff) may safely be in a classroom (or other space) at a time when social/physical distancing guidelines are in effect. The video included below details how to use the model starting at the 5:00 minute mark and continuing to the 13:50 minute mark.

Important Information

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Can I open the model in Google Sheets?

                No, it is an Excel model only.

2) Why does the model not seem to work?

                Please confirm that you have enabled macros. This may require making the model “safe” or saving it.

3) Why does the summary spreadsheet not calculate?

                The summary spreadsheet has a macro and requires that you “press” the Calculate button found in column L

Helpful Tips:

-The desk radius is the additional “wiggle room” that can be used to think through spaces in different areas. It is intended to literally provide the wiggle room that expands on the 6’ distance between students. It be worthwhile to rerun the models with different desk radii as you think through space. 

-Before using the Room Calculator, look at the images and notes in the various packing models (each on a separate tab. These will help as you think about various classrooms. For instance, it may be harder to use Square Packing (which places students along the walls) in a lower school classroom if there are bookshelves or materials along the walls. 

-The hexagon packing models are intended for larger spaces (multi-purpose rooms). 

-The no-wall square packing is intended for a gym or an area where a large group of students need to be separated but there is the desire for a walkway between students so that the person radius is not compromised. We have used the terminology “column spacing” for this additional area between students. 

What the model does not do…

1) You have to determine where the teacher is located and how much space to allocate to teacher

2) You have to think about how students enter and exit the class and the impact on social distancing (and if they need to go to the bathroom)

3) You have to think about where the door is located and if this eliminates space for a student (some doors open in, some open out, some classrooms have vestibules etc.)

If you have questions Mary Kay Markunas ( is available to help.

Find the tool on this website:

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