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The Power of NBOA!

NBOA's Spectrum Project Report has won the prestigious "Power of A" Gold Award. The program showcases how associations leverage their unique resources to solve problems, advance industry/professional performance, kick-start innovation and improve world conditions. See the full list here.

Tax Toolkit

Tax Toolkit

The Tax Toolkit covers a wide range of issues related to the tax issues of independent schools and their employees. Learn about the taxability of gifts, awards and other presentations to employees and if the payment of dues or fees for professional organizations by the employer is excludable from an employee’s taxable income. Whether it’s a simple test for UBIT or creating a full tax compliance program, the Tax Toolkit covers all of this and more.

Human Resources Toolkit

Human Resources Toolkit

The Human Resources Toolkit provides invaluable information for HR professionals in the independent school community. Find information on hiring, background checks, employment contracts and much more in this newly updated resource.

NBOA Gives Back

NBOA Gives Back

A special "thanks" to all the 2015 NBOA Annual Meeting Attendees. With your support NBOA donated $5,000 to Cradles to Crayons, a record contribution since NBOA began supporting a charity in the host city of its Annual Meeting four years ago.

The State of the Profession and the 2015 NBOA Annual Meeting

A conversation with Jeff Shields, President and CEO of NBOA and Howard Teibel, President, Teibel, Inc.

Long-Range Financial Model for Day Schools

This easy-to-use, customized ten-year budget model creates charts and graphs which can easily be dropped into dashboards or other presentations.

2013 NBOA Business Office Survey Report

This survey is the most comprehensive study of independent school business officers and their schools. The 2013 report includes data and trends on the following topics: compensation, staffing, economic issues, budgets and a special focus section on financial aid.

Participate in the 2014 Commonfund Benchmarks Study

Participation is open for the Commonfund Benchmarks Study of Independent School Endowments. This study provides an excellent tool to help you assess endowment trends within the independent school community.

2013 Commonfund Benchmark Study of Independent School Endowments

The 2013 Commonfund Benchmark Study of Independent School Endowments is now available. This tool helps assess independent school endowments and their trends. It explores a number of constructive and timely topics, including total returns, asset allocation, spending-and-fund flows, debt, as well as investment management and governance.

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