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2013 Commonfund Benchmark Study of Independent School Endowments

The 2013 Commonfund Benchmark Study of Independent School Endowments is now available. This tool helps assess independent school endowments and their trends. It explores a number of constructive and timely topics, including total returns, asset allocation, spending-and-fund flows, debt, as well as investment management and governance.

Long-Range Financial Model for Day Schools

This easy-to-use, customized ten-year budget model creates charts and graphs which can easily be dropped into dashboards or other presentations.

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It has been 20 years since Statement of Financial Accounting Standards Nos. 116 and 117 dramatically...

Faculty Work Day Survey Results

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Led by self-avowed hacker Liz Arum, St. Ann’s School is using MakerBot 3-D printers to expand students’...

A guide to the data collection process used for NBOA's Business Office Compensation and Staffing Study...

Document provided by Stanmar, Inc. detailing a typical construction timeline.

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