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Long-Range Financial Model for Day Schools

This easy-to-use, customized ten-year budget model creates charts and graphs which can easily be dropped into dashboards or other presentations.

2013 NBOA Business Office Survey Report

This survey is the most comprehensive study of independent school business officers and their schools. The 2013 report includes data and trends on the following topics: compensation, staffing, economic issues, budgets and a special focus section on financial aid.

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Do you know how to properly target your promotional communications? What factors should your school...

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Worth Every Penny

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With new educational alternatives open to parents, independent schools look to big-business marketing...

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Constructive discussions on the pressing issues facing independent schools

Business Officers

This community is exclusively intended for the business officer at all NBOA and international member schools


This community is for controllers and those individuals who manage financial reporting and analysis within their school

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This community is for HR professionals and those individuals who manage HR functions within their school


This community is for facilities, physical plant and maintenance professionals and those individuals who manage facilities functions within their school.


This community is for technology professionals and those individuals who manage information technology within their school

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