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About NBOA

Founded in 1998, NBOA is a nonprofit membership association dedicated to advancing business excellence in independent schools. NBOA's continued success stems from its active and growing network of members who openly and collaboratively promote best practices and standards of excellence across all business operations within independent schools, including finance, admissions, human resources, information technology and facilities.

NBOA membership includes more than 1,200 schools from every region in the United States as well as international schools in Canada, Mexico and 13 other countries around the globe. Combined enrollment of member schools exceeds 226,000 students; combined budgets are nearly $5 billion.


NBOA develops, delivers, and promotes best business practices to advance independent schools.


NBOA member schools provide excellence in education supported by world-class business operations.

Risk Management Toolkit


The Risk Management Toolkit covers a wide range of issues related to enterprise risk management for independent schools. Examples include resources on health issues including establishing a concussion prevention program or a checklist for Study Abroad trip leaders. This toolkit contains something for everyone, whether you have a specific need—like a sample campus safety checklist—or a wider review of risk issues.

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