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Handling Political Speech in the Workplace

Human Resources | The right to free speech does not extend to the private workplace, but understanding state and local laws can protect your school from legal risk and weather the upcoming political season. By Amber Stockham With the race for the presidency and contested Senate seats...

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5 Minutes with Ron Wanglin: Rising Claims Will Lift All Rates

Risk Management | Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the insurance market was experiencing a sea change. As the pandemic unfolds, employment law and educators’ legal liability will likely increase as well. Interview by Cecily Garber Feature Image: Ron Wanglin accepting the Sarah Daignault...

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Safety & Security: Using a Vulnerability Assessment to Transform School Safety

Risk Management | When families’ expectations around school security have changed, a comprehensive assessment and redesign of school safety approaches may pay dividends. Article by Elliott Robinson, Milton Hershey School From the July/August 2020 Net Assets magazine Feature...

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Risk & Compliance: Everyday Bias and Liability

Risk Management | Microaggressions may be brief and commonplace, but they are damaging and pose a liability risk in independent schools. Article by Onik'a Gilliam-Cathcart and Karen Kalzer of Helsell Fetterman From the July/August 2020 Net Assets magazine Though increasingly...

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Navigating the Semi-Normal

Risk Management | While independent schools may be facing financial difficulties this coming school year, they can use their independence to meet the market’s quickly shifting needs. By Eric Wearne and Benjamin Scafidi, Kennesaw State University As of late spring 2020, millions of...

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Four Guideposts for Maintaining Healthy Relationships with Students

Risk Management | Behavioral standards regarding faculty roles, boundaries, power and accountability can catch missteps at an early stage, before rules are violated and damage is done. By David Wolowitz, McLane Middleton, and Tara Kosowski, NBOA A faculty member is coaching varsity...

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Rosner Campus Space Planning Tool

This tool was developed by The St. Paul’s Schools so they could figure out how many people (children and faculty/staff) may safely be in a classroom (or other space) at a time when social/physical distancing guidelines are in effect. The video included below details how to use the model starting...

Classroom Seating for Social Distancing Tool Video.mp4

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Safety & Security: Drill Down

Risk Management | Regular exercises can make safety policies and procedures stick and help your school fully prepare for an emergency. Article by Jeff Bedford, Holton-Arms School From the March/April 2020 Net Assets magazine Most schools have come a very long way to prepare...

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Risk & Compliance: Legal Considerations in Admissions

Risk Management | Schools must be careful to collect neither too much nor too little information about students and families before they enroll. Article by Grace H. Lee and Ashley Sykes, Venable LLP From the March/April issue of Net Assets magazine ​​​​The admissions process...

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Strategies: Maximizing Vaccination Rates

Risk Management | How to phase out vaccine exemptions to protect community health, regardless of state law requirements. Feature image courtesy of McDonogh School. Article by Jack Hardcastle, McDonogh School , From the March/April 2020 Net Assets magazine One of a school’s...