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Practical Guidance During Unprecedented Times

CEO Notebook | An updated and enhanced member resource is available today. Jeffrey Shields, FASAE, CAE NBOA President and CEO We at NBOA are cognizant of the myriad challenges school leaders are managing these days, and have shifted our immediate strategic objectives to best...

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This Is Your Story

CEO Notebook | I anticipate many wonderful moments at NBOA's 2015 Annual Meeting next week, not least among them the unveiling of the definitive narrative of the profession. " By the Numbers and Beyond: Independent School Business Operations ," a 310-page book available in both print and...

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Education in 3-D: How 3-D Printers Are Transforming St. Ann’s School

Led by self-avowed hacker Liz Arum, St. Ann’s School is using MakerBot 3-D printers to expand students’ creativity through a wide range of activities, from designing a Chinese seal to recreating Victor Frankenstein’s laboratory. Arum walks you through the many benefits and few downsides (hint,...


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Responding to the Boston Bombings

NBOA member school Buckingham Browne & Nichols put their crisis plan into practice on the day of the Boston bombings. This Net Assets feature article (published January/February 2014) recounts their experience and provides insight into what measures a school should have in place to keep students...


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Get in the Driver’s Seat

Finding an investment advisor is a trying task. This Net Assets feature article (published Jan/Feb 2013) presents a collection of tips and tricks to help you “shop” better and remain in control. #RFP #Investments #Publications #Endowment


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The Six Habits of Tomorrow’s Economically Sustainable Independent Schools

Former independent school CFO John Barry believes that independent schools must change strategies for economic sustainability. In this Net Assets feature article (published Nov/Dec 2013) he discusses six ways to do this, including planning rational and comprehensive capital campaigns and avidly...


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Managing the Millennials: Boomers Confront the New Multigenerational Workplace

Through a unique series of coincidences, a trio of generations—the Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, and Millennials—is vying to claim their space in today’s workplace. Read this Net Assets feature (published March/April 2012), coauthored by a Boomer and a Millennial, to better understand the mindset of...


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Can You Flip? The Evolution of the Flipped Classroom

Advances in multimedia and innovations in teacher creativity have made “flipping” the classroom—putting instructors’ lessons online for students to watch at home and using class time to interact with students and assess their competency—a whole lot easier. This September/October 2012 Net Assets...


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Financial Aid Forecast

This Net Assets article (published May/Jun 2013) recaps a panel discussion held at the 2013 NBOA Annual Meeting of financial aid management companies. Along with advice from panel members, the article includes an overview of the four companies: FACTS Management, FAST, TADS, and SSS by NAIS. ...


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NBOA Media Kit

The media kit outlines opportunities and guidelines for advertising in NBOA's publications. #Publications