Praesidium is the exclusive Affinity Partner providing services and consultation to assist NBOA Member organizations prevent sexual abuse from occurring, respond to allegations of sexual misconduct and to prevent false allegations.

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Armatus® Online Training

Armatus® overcomes the limitations of traditional online training by including with each course an Action Plan to help users apply what they're learning; a Discussion Guide to be used in a group setting; and a Coaching Handbook for supervisors. Armatus also includes brief skill-based videos—MiniMinders™—accessible on mobile devices at any time. Your employees and volunteers get just the right training—at just the right time! And our onsite instructor-led and train-the-trainer training is perfect for large groups or specialized content.

Know Your Score!™ Online Self-Assessment

This online self-assessment tool asks about existing policies and procedures in the program or organization. The self-assessment allows schools to quickly learn the strength of their policies and practices designed to keep those in their care safe from abuse. The completed self-assessment provides schools with a blueprint and sample resources to address any potential abuse prevention gaps. Schools that complete a self-assessment and work towards implementation of best practices may be eligible for a pathway to Praesidium Accreditation.

Praesidium Risk Assessment & Accreditation

Your school can achieve the nationally-recognized gold standard in organizational abuse prevention: Praesidium Accreditation. Praesidium Safety Analysts come on site to assess your abuse risk management practices and help you systematically close gaps and implement best practice standards. Once done, you can proudly announce to everyone that your school meets the highest abuse prevention safety standards in the nation.

Certified Praesidium Guardian Workshop

Select an employee committed to protecting those in your care and give them the information and skills they need to become your “boots on the ground” resource on organizational abuse prevention. Your Praesidium Guardian joins a national community of certified Praesidium Guardians for support, guidance, and cutting-edge information.

Discounted Background Checks

Adopting a solid screening and selection process is your first line of defense in creating a safe environment. A thorough, consistent screening process may also discourage would-be offenders from targeting your school. Failure to discover a known offender can affect those in your care and your school's reputation, financial stability and trust within the community. In determining the types of checks to utilize, schools should follow all state, federal, and licensing regulations and consider an individual's level of access. Praesidium offers several standard and customizable criminal background check packages plus other a la carte background check services.

Model Policies and Policy Analysis

Clear policies set the stage for safe environments by defining acceptable and unacceptable employee and volunteer conduct. Policies also facilitate effective monitoring and supervision by helping others to recognize and take action when they see policy violations. Praesidium can provide model policies, review and revise existing policies, or help your school draft policies that address the protection of your students.

Building Boundaries™

This student education program provides teachers with brief lesson plans that include hands-on, developmentally-appropriate activities for students in kindergarten through fifth grade. Also included is a short video that teaches pre-school parents how to keep their young children safe.

Your Boundaries. Your Call!™

This three-part video series teaches children between fifth and twelfth grades how to protect themselves if someone tries to violate their emotional, physical, or behavioral boundaries.

Crisis Management and On-Site Victim's Assistance

In the event that your school has an allegation or incident of suspicious or inappropriate interactions or suspected abuse, a member of Praesidium's team can be available to provide a range of services, including on-site consultation, response coordination, investigation, and victim's assistance.

On-Site Training Workshops

Praesidium recommends at least one on-site abuse prevention training for all schools. Target audiences include all individuals who work with students, including employees, staff, faculty, volunteers, and chaperones.

Praesidium offers an array of on-site workshops and seminars for front-line employees and volunteers, supervisors, administrators, and board members covering screening and selection, best practices in abuse risk management, how to prevent peer-to-peer sexual abuse, legal issues in abuse risk management, and many others. Workshops can be tailored to meet the needs of each audience.