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PPE Procurement

Trying to acquire Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a challenge during the COVID-19 crisis. The market is rife with fraudsters that claim to have access to PPE. NBOA members can now purchase Level 1 procedure or K295 masks from Purchasing Point's HealthTrust Purchasing Group, which has vetted PPE vendor opportunities. Minimum ordering requirements apply. Learn more and register here.

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Financial Aid in the Age of COVID-19

ARTICLE: Families’ increased need for financial aid continues to shift and will likely do so throughout the coming year.


You Asked, We Answered

ARTICLE: Curated resources to help the business office answer top questions related to COVID-19 concerns, from safety to finances to the new normal and more.


Flash Survey Findings

ARTICLE: NBOA’s latest "pulse check" on school business operations impacted by COVID-19 yields data to navigate the pandemic and plan for the year(s) ahead.


Scenario Planning

WEBINAR RECORDING: Learn how to use NBOA's Long Range Financial Model along with recent survey data and BIIS data to plan for the short term.


Impossible Is Off the Table

ARTICLE: business officers turned on a dime during the first phase of the COVID-19 pandemic and adapted their approaches in surprisingly nimble ways.

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Featured Resources

NBOA Resource

Answering Employee Concerns

Possible responses to employee concerns about the safety and logistics of returning to campus. See also a recent webinar on the topic.

NBOA Resource

Leave Considerations Tool

An interactive flow chart designed to clarify leave available to employees, including emergency leave under the FFCRA.

Shared Resource

Capacity Planning Tool

The St. Paul’s Schools developed this workbook to determine how many people may safely be in a classroom or other space during social distancing.

NBOA Resource

Reopening Checklist

An interactive PDF covering key areas, including communications, safety protocols, tech needs, finances, contracts and summer programming.

NBOA Resource

Long-Range Financial Model

An easy-to-use 10-year budget model that creates real-time forecasts for tuition, enrollment, FTEs, plant replacement and more.

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