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Thursday, June 11, 4 p.m. ET

The Next Normal: Enrollment Trends and Strategies in Uncertain Times

As we approach the “next normal,” leaders in the business office and enrollment management will need to work together to navigate a rapidly changing landscape and tackle pressing questions. How can we reduce summer melt? What support do families need? What does next year look like? Drawing on results from an Enrollment Management Association (EMA) member survey conducted in response to COVID-19, EMA presenters will share key insights and actionable takeaways to help you move forward. Learn more about NBOA's summer webinar series and register here

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Managing Your Empty Campus

ARTICLE: A well-managed long-term unoccupancy can save schools significant resources.


Federal PPP Guidance

REGULATORY UPDATE: On May 22, the Treasury released new guidance on PPP loan forgiveness. The PPP loan forgiveness application and FAQs were issued earlier in May. 


Telling Your School’s Financial Story

WEBINAR RECORDING: NBOA staff and legal counsel joined Armanino to discuss PPP documentation, expense tracking & long-range planning.


Title IX Compliance

WEBINAR RECORDING: What independent schools need to know if they accept federal financial assistance. Hosted by ATIXA.


Reopening Considerations

ARTICLE: School leaders are rethinking everything from physical space to agreements to funding sources. Download an interactive checklist.


Re-Opening Your School Campus

WEBINAR RECORDING: Nationally renowned medical, legal and communications experts shared advice on reopening.

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Shared Resource

Capacity Planning Tool

The St. Paul’s Schools developed this workbook to determine how many people may safely be in a classroom or other space during social distancing.

Shared Resource

Title IX Policies

Find a DOE resource guide, compliance checklist and sample polices. See also “Title IX Compliance,” a recorded webinar hosted by ATIXA.

NBOA Resource

Reopening Checklist

An interactive PDF covering key areas, including communications, safety protocols, tech needs, finances, contracts and summer programming.

NBOA Resource

Long-Range Financial Model

An easy-to-use 10-year budget model that creates real-time forecasts for tuition, enrollment, FTEs, plant replacement and more.

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