Get the current information you need with NBOA’s online toolkits, special-topic virtual resource centers that contain useful links and downloadable files on a variety of the top issues facing the independent school business office—from risk management to sound investing. Toolkits contain ready-to-use templates and easy-to-customize sample RFPs, policies, and more.

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403(b) Toolkit

A school’s retirement savings plan has many intricacies, and this toolkit provides information on plan design and management. Understand fiduciary responsibilities, plan structures and options. You’ll also find checklists and information on keeping your school’s plan compliant with regulations and preparing for plan audits.

Accounting Toolkit

Independent school accounting has very different challenges and differences from for-profit organizations. Discover sample schedules and models on a variety of topics, from gift accounting to budget models. Connect to information and outside organizations that help you keep up to date on the latest accounting standards and requirements.

Endowment Toolkit

No matter the size of your school’s endowment, your responsibilities are the same: Preserve principle and generate income to carry out the donor’s wishes. View sample investment and spending policies, sample RFPs for investment managers and benchmarking information on independent school endowments. Invaluable tools for business officers and your school’s investment committee charge.

Environmental Sustainability Toolkit

Being energy efficient and environmentally sustainable doesn’t just help the bottom line; it also models good environmental citizenship for students. Discover ways to increase sustainability while reducing costs. Learn to make your next building project an environmental success without breaking the bank.

Facilities Toolkit

Review sample RFPs, audits, energyplanning documents and information on renewable energy. This toolkit is beneficial for all facilities and physical-plant staff, as well as business officers who assume responsibilities for these functions.

Human Resources Toolkit

Understand how to deal effectively and consistently with employees. Gather information on legal and contractual issues arising from the employment relationship to be better equipped to handle the myriad issues, questions, and disputes that encompass employee management in the independent school context.

Risk Management Toolkit

Access information on a wide range of issues related to enterprise risk management for independent schools. Examples include resources on health issues, including establishing a concussion prevention program or a checklist for study abroad trip leaders. This toolkit contains something for everyone, whether you have a specific need—like a sample campus safety checklist—or desire a wider review of risk issues.

Tax Toolkit

Ensuring compliance is crucial these days and tax issues are no exception. Understand which tax implications are most likely to arise for non-profit organizations. Connect to everything with regards to UBIT and the 990.

Technology Toolkit

Examine how to plan your spending on technology hardware and software and review policy examples to help educate students, parents and employees on appropriate use of technology. Explore resources that provide information on the latest technology trends.

Tax Reform Updates


NBOA is working to update members about the pending tax reform legislation as well as to advocate for the best interest of independent schools, given that many provisions in the House and Senate bills could negatively impact our industry. Visit for more information about the proposed legislation and the joint responses sent to Congress from NBOA and NAIS on behalf of the independent school community. Schools are urged to contact their representatives.