Business Office Compensation and Staffing Study

Business Office Compensation Study

The NBOA Business Office Compensation and Staffing Study takes a comprehensive view of the compensation and organization of the valued people who work at your school.

This survey provides the compensation levels for each of the positions commonly found in the business office reporting structure, as well as a wide range of staffing models used by the participating schools. Data highlights provide valuable insight and information on a wide range of topics relevant to the business office, and answer questions such as the following:

  • How many PK-12 day schools have an HR Director?
  • How do the salaries of Chief Financial Officers compare with those of Business Managers?
  • What is the salary range for a Controller in the San Francisco Bay metro region?

This information is intended to assist your leadership team as you establish your school’s compensation levels and staffing structure.

Free Report
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Current and Past Studies

NBOA members can access the current and prior year reports below.

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