Long-Range Financial Modeling: Course Details


The complete course is three weeks, from October 2 - 20, 2017.

The class is conducted on the Haiku Learning Management platform, and requires a willingness to experiment with new applications of technology and greater responsibility on the learner than other traditional professional development programs. Classes are conducted asynchronously, so there is no single time each week when participants are required to be online. However, participants should commit to spending 2-4 hours each week the class is in session.

Coursework and assignments for each week open on Monday morning, and should be completed by the following Sunday evening. Grace periods are given, but the learning is more effective when the entire class is working on the same activities at the same time. Participants will have the opportunity to connect and collaborate with each other through several forms of interactive media, including discussion boards.

Certificate of Completion

A registrant interested in obtaining a Certificate of Completion for a course must complete the program and earn the Course Completion badge in the Haiku Learning Platform. A certificate will only be issued to a registrant who has earned this badge.

Course Description

Week 1: Introduction to Long-Range Financial Modeling

Learn about the benefits of financial modeling and the genesis of the NBOA tool. Participants will be introduced to and given the NBOA model along with the list of assumptions that you will need to formulate in order to load and use the model.

Week 2: Loading and Testing the Model

Participants will be expected to load the model with their school’s information and the set the parameters for their long view. Learn how the model works, and how to make adjustments to your assumptions once your data is loaded.

Week 3: Reporting From the Model

Discover how to use the reporting tools in the model and be given tips on how to enhance their reporting to their Head, Finance Committee and Trustees, using the data generated.

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