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2016 Annual Meeting

2016 Annual Meeting

February 21-24, 2016  •  Los Angeles, CA  •  JW Marriott - LA Live

Registration will open October 1st. Check back here for more details.


Independent schools have a lot in common with the movie industry. It takes many people and multiple processes for Hollywood to create a blockbuster! There is casting, set design, costumes, filming, editing, soundtrack production, and distribution to your local theatres!

The delivery of an independent school’s mission is created in a very similar way. Seeing the big picture is ensuring all of the separate parts create the whole. Operational and academic functions must coordinate perfectly to build an exceptional educational experience for students and families. It takes leadership, finance, admissions, academic departments, facilities, Trustees, advancement and many other departments to deliver a world-class education.

The big picture can also be viewed with an individual lens. When you think strategically, you can consider the impact of your decisions and activities over an extended period of time. You take a step back and assess how everything fits together. Big-picture thinking generates ideas and possibilities, stretching beyond short-term concerns or a narrow focus within a singular part of the organization.

Learn how to encourage strategic thinking, such as aligning your department goals with those of the entire school enterprise, considering how your actions and decisions affect a broad range of stakeholders, and identifying and analyzing environmental factors. Join us in Los Angeles so the 2016 NBOA Annual Meeting can help you develop the "big picture."

Questions? For program-related questions, please contact Genevieve Madigan at or call 202-407-7144. For registration questions, please contact Jennifer Fallon at or call 202-407-7145.

Risk Management Toolkit


The Risk Management Toolkit covers a wide range of issues related to enterprise risk management for independent schools. Examples include resources on health issues including establishing a concussion prevention program or a checklist for Study Abroad trip leaders. This toolkit contains something for everyone, whether you have a specific need—like a sample campus safety checklist—or a wider review of risk issues.

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